The impact it has on me and others

How this project will impact me will be knowing how to work on motorcycles and knowing the different types of motorcycles from sports bikes to harleys. Once i get older i want to own a motorcycle and know how to work on it and be able to change out my own parts.Knowing how to work on my own motorcycle will save me lots of money having not to pay someone else to do it for me. I will impact others on being able to work on there motorcycle and helping them out by maybe even teaching them how to do it themselves.I could also make videos and put them on youtube for people to watch and do it step by step on how to fix there motorcycles.
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Facts about motorcycles

What I have learned from researching is that motorcycles are huge in the United States and across the world. Last year alone four million motorcycles were in use in the United States. Whether relied upon as a primary means of transportation, used to provide weekend recreation, souped up and sped along for racing, or displayed as antique, millions of people across the world have shown that the novelty most definitely has not worn off. There is no doubt that motorcycles are still popular. They are so liked because they get great gas mileage and with gas prices going up they are saving lots of money on gas. Also they are super compact and small so they can be used in busy city like New York or Japan where the roads are small and full of people.

Why I choose to do this project

I choose to do this project because once i get older i want to have my own motorcycles and know how to work on it by myself. Maybe even one day build my own motorcycle. I would also like to learn how to work on them the proper way and learning all the different styles of the motorcycle world. With leaning how to work on the different types of motorcycles i can help my friends with working on there bikes which some of my friends already have. My partner Jack has a motorcycle so we both want to learn how to work on his motorcycle.

Fun facts

  • The first motorcycle was the SH Roper 1869 steam cycle.
  • The front tire provides 75% of a bike’s grip when cornering.
  • The most powerful superbike ever to go into production is the MTT Turbine Super bike which offers a mind-boggling 300 horsepower.
  • The largest parade of Harley Davidson motorbikes was conducted for charity in Denver, Colorado on December 8, 2002 and included 2,118 riders.
  • Japan built a motorcycle called the TOTO which was powered by human waste.
  • There have been motorcycle manufacturers by all three of the following names: Devil, Satan, and Lucifer.