Beginning Midwifery Intensive

a weeklong immersion into the art and science of midwifery

With midwife Augustine Colebrook

Join internationally trained, certified professional midwife, Augustine Colebrook on the beautiful city of Washington D.C. for a 5 day intensive immersion in the art and science and practice of traditional out-of-hospital midwifery. With sections on charting, risk assessment, equipment know-how and set up and including hands on skills throughout, this is going to be an amazing workshop to launch your midwifery education! Limited to 12 beginning midwifery students, don't wait - this workshop will fill up fast!

5 day intensive workshop

Monday, July 24th, 9am to Friday, July 28th, 11am

311 47th Street Northeast

Washington, DC

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Beginning Midwifery Intensive Curriculum

Each one of the topics below could be a workshop on its own, but you get to attend everyone of them in this amazing week-long workshop! Come prepared to take in a tremendous amount of information everyday!

Ample lunch breaks are scheduled to optimize information retention. Certificate of completion awarded at the conclusion, as well as any relevant skills sign off for NARM or MCU, BirthWIse, Bastyr, NCM, Birthingway, Nizhoni, and NMI

Educational path

  • The language of midwifery - de-coding vocabulary, medical terminology, acronyms, and midwifery slang.
  • Pathway to midwifery - choosing your educational path, CNM, CPM, ND-M and/or local licensure

Midwifery Communication

  • Who's on first, who's on second? - the universal roles of the birth team
  • Charting do's and don'ts - defensive charting to stay out of the court room
  • Risk assessment - understanding perception of safety, choice and autonomy
  • Informed decision-making - communicating non-biased risks, benefits, & alternatives

Prenatal Care

  • Maternal blood work & urinalysis - understanding basic lab values and their meaning
  • Leopold's maneuvers - discovering fetal position, attitude, flexion and station by palpation
  • Prenatal bleeding - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd trimester differential diagnosis and treatment
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning - how to avoid and fix back labor

Birth Work

  • 'What labor looks, sounds, and feels like' - emotional-hormonal-physiology of normal labor
  • Laborland etiquette - protecting the environment of undisturbed birth
  • Anatomy of a birth bag - what midwives bring to birth and why
  • O2 set up - reasons for clinical use on mothers and infants
  • IV & IM set up - medication safety perfecting your skill at assisting
  • Advanced doula skills - hands-on techniques to ease pain and suffering
  • Maternal vitals assessments - learn to take blood pressure, pulse and temp

After Birth

  • Newborn vital assessment - heart rate, temp, respirations, and oxygen saturation
  • Breastfeeding assisting skills - individual assessment for each mama/baby pair
  • Tongue and lip tie identification - how to prevent needless suffering
  • Diaper Diaries - what is normal and what is not and advising the mother
  • Hemorrhage - how to quickly assess blood loss in all the various birth locations
  • Placenta magic - learn the thorough placenta exam, drawing cord blood and discuss placenta medicine
  • Newborn Procedures - proper technique for hearing screening, metabolic and glucose screening, and pulse ox screening.


Monday night:

Dinner and midwifery discussion together at Maketto restaurant

Registration limited to 12 midwifery students


5 day intensive curriculum

One dinner out with the group at Maketto

Contenental breakfast everyday


Travel and all other meals on your own


Augustine Colebrook, CPM

Augustine is perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between safe and sacred. Weaving together practical know-how with esoteric theory; encompassing the physical to the spiritual; and teaching with all learning types in mind, Augustine manages to engage and educate with ease and excitement. Adult learners benefit greatly from kinesthetic opportunities, and often times leave the workshop with unshakable confidence in their newly honed abilities. Able to encourage even the most shy, while balancing all the learners levels and needs, Augustine has a true gift.

Augustine is an accomplished management executive and a trusted, skilled out-of-hospital midwife with a strong entrepreneurial heart, who takes much joy in mainstreaming midwifery and the midwifery model of care. She respects a woman’s need for the empowering feeling of being undisturbed during labor, but balances this attention to the sacred rite of passage with 17 years experience attending births in hospitals, birth centers, and homes in rural, urban and suburban environments in the US and abroad. Augustine’s focus is finely attuned to the process of letting go and opening to the unknown in labor and in life.