The Norfolk Jr High Panther Posse

Norfolk Jr High

By Ayden

Man Has World’s Largest Pumpkin as House

A man in Germany put his wife in a pumpkin because he couldn't keep her. Peter, AKA, "Pumpkin Eater" put his wife in a 50 ft. pumpkin. " I just couldn't keep her, so I put her in a pumpkin," said Peter. He did this on January 8, 2015, when he put his wife in the shell. He did this by eating the inside of a pumpkin and cleaning out the shell. Now the pumpkin is the woman's permanent house. "I'm fine for now," says the wife. We will continue on this tomorrow.

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The Worlds Ugliest Dog

Have you ever seen the worlds ugliest dog? Well, then meet Mugly. Mugly is a 10-year-old Chinese Crested dog. Mugly’s owner found him on the streets of England. He was said to be the worlds ugliest dog by Britains dog show. He is more like a movie star because he has been on T.V. and has been put on parliament to turn on the christmas lights. He works at a local hospital as a care dog. He is his owners favorite dog. He is raising money for a small dog rescue. He visits schools and takes part in the read to dogs program. He also works in therapy at the local hospital. He attends a lot of charity events. Even though Mugly is the worlds ugliest dog, he is happy with his life.

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Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Did you know that Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith was the last Star Wars made in the series? After the defeat of the sith, Count Dooku, a new trouble arises. The sith lord Darth Sidious steps into the shadows. Therefore, General Grievous, the leader of the droids, is stepping up to the plate to help destroy the Jedi order. Then this is where our main protagonists Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker must defeat him to save the Jedi order. But after they defeat him, a brand new trouble comes up. Anakin is acting weird, so he talks to Yoda. Yoda tells Anakin some surprising news. All in all, I thought it was a good movie and I think you should see it.

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Motivational poster

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Favorite T.V show

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Mr. Olson was recognized as a legendary checker in the Norfolk district for the past 16 years. He attended high school at Norfolk High and was in competitive football. His first job was at Gamestop in Norfolk. After graduating, he attended college at Harvard for drafting.There he received a bachelor's degree for drafting and design. He loves his two children and his wife, Felicia. He loves to travel with them, and they have recently been to Arizona, Australia, and Japan. His hobbies include collecting magic cards, reading, and playing video games. In the future, he plans to travel to all of the comic cons. His kindness, compassion, and determination is what makes him what he is today. We look forward to what his future holds.