Paris: The Ultimate Hero

So Far

So far in the book Paris has shown many good traits that I believe a hero should have. These traits include showing courage, integrity, and carefulness.


Paris has shown tremendous courage throughout the book so far. He steps up to every challenge he is given or must face. Like in the chapter "Single Combat" even though Paris is afraid to fight he still steps up to the plate to battle a stronger man than him, King Menelaus. According to many sources courage is the number one trait heroes must have, including's article, "10 Traits of Successful Heroic Leaders" which states," Heroic leaders have the determination to achieve the goal, regardless of the challenging obstacles." Paris has displayed this through out the book and I believe he will become the hero because of it.

Must Be Supported by the Gods

The heroes of ancient times were often strengthened by the gods in some form, like gifts. A power point entitled "The Characteristics of the Greek Hero" states,"Special gifts such as helmets, winged sandals, and golden bridles were loaned to the heroes." While Paris was not loaned these things he was supported by Aphrodite even after her debt of a beautiful wife was paid. When Paris was battling Menelaus Aphrodite granted him a cloak of invisibility to help him escape and granted that his chin strap break so he could get away. Another way that shows he is an epic Greek/Trojan hero is that when Hera, Aphrodite, and Athene wanted to know who got the apple they went to Paris. They must have seen some virtue of a hero in him that would make them choose him to decide. They offered him support in turn for the apple which meant that the gods would fully help him, whichever he chose.


In the article,"10 Traits of Successful Heroic Leaders" the paragraph on integrity states,"Heroic leaders are trusted by their followers because they never change from inner values, even when it might be difficult."Paris has stayed true to his character and decisions throughout the chapters. For example when Greece declared war on the Trojans Paris did not hide or run away. He could have easily run away from Troy with Helen after this major declaration, but he didn't, he stayed to fight and stuck with the country even though they were in a hole that he dug. He stood by the things he loved and his inner values like Troy and it's people never changed.


In order to be an epic Greek hero you have to be amazing or extraordinary. This attribute must describe some way of life, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. has a list of epic Greek hero traits that clearly says, "He must perform extraordinary feats." No matter the way in order to be a Greek/Trojan hero you have to be extraordinary.An example of Paris presenting this attribute is during a battle between the Greeks and Trojans. In Black Ships Before Troy the narrator states,"Diomedes fought on where he stood until Paris, keeping as usual to the fringe of the battle, saw his chance and loosed an arrow that took him cleanly through the foot and pinned it to the ground." Diomedes is a very strong and fierce Greek warrior and it would be very hard to injure him so badly. It would also be hard to shoot an arrow so accurately through all the fighting. Paris did these things with ease and grace. Actions like this would be considered an amazing physical feat or extraordinary.

Disclaimer!!!!! I have not read the entire book and am basing my hero predictions off of the first four chapters. I do not know the character's future.