From cocoa tree to choclate

Drew Ferree


Have you ever wondered what chocolate is made of? It goes though three majer steps.These steps include the farm,factory and end up on your you like chocolate? I think you should read this.The cocoa tree has been with us for 2,ooo years. People think it is the food of the gods.They used to use it as money back then.


Chocolate begins in a tropical forest. It comes off of a cocoa tree. They use machetes to bring them off of the tree. They cut open the tree and take the beans out. They put it in a dark place to ferment.They ferment the beans undergo chemical changes that makes it taste better.When the beans dried out from the sun after about two weeks the beans are shipped to the chocolate making factory.


The shells are removed only the nibs are left.The nibs are ground up.It turns them into paste heat is added to make it a liquid called cocoa mass to make cocoa.The cocoa mass is pressed to remove the cocoa butter to make a chocolate bar cocoa .Mas is mixed with more cocoa butter along with sugar and milk.For chocolate bars the chocolate then goes through a second grinding and is mixed again to give it a glossy look .When it dries the chocolate is poured into molds to make chocolate bars the bars are rapped shipped and they are sold.


She chocolate bars are sold to people. They are sold to people that like chocolate. Chocolate is sold at gas stations, grosrestores, candy stores, Walmart and more. Chocolate is bot lots of times and by many people.

Fun Facts

Chocolate has been special for 2,000 years!They think its the food of the gods.It was kind of like money back then a rabbit was 10 cocoa beans a mule was 50 cocoa beans


That is all the steps of choclate.It probly will end up on your table or your frige.And it is so good.
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