Production Job - Taylor Ushery

Requirements & Schools


  1. Stanford University
  2. Liberty University
  3. Grand Canyon University


  • Theater Management Bachelor Degree
  • Film Studies Bachelor Degree
  • Business Administration Master Degree
  • Fine Arts Master Degree

Awards Available..

  • DGA Award
  • Academy Award for Best Director
  • Young Director Awards

Famous Directors


  • programming and budgeting;
  • working with writers through workshops or script development schemes;
  • adapting a script and, if the play is newly written, working with the writer or collaborating with playwrights;
  • breaking down a script, analysing and exploring the content and conducting relevant research;
  • translating and interpreting a script or musical score;
  • holding auditions for productions, selecting and hiring designers, musicians, etc.;
  • managing time and organising people and space;
  • attending production meetings with set designers;
  • organising rehearsals;
  • communicating and liaising with all parties involved, including actors, the creative team, the production team and producers;
  • attending preview performances and preparing detailed notes for the cast and creative and production teams;
  • helping to publicise the production by giving interviews and leading discussions.

On Hands..

Directors work with...

  1. Actors - the face of the movie
  2. Producers - getting the movie out
  3. Stage hands - what goes where and when
  4. Lighting - how he want scenes lit
  5. Sounds - when he wants effects, etc
  6. Set designer- how he wants scenes to look
  7. Costume designer - how he want actors dressed

Overall Summary

A film director is in charge of making sure that every component of a movie runs smoothly. Generally, these directors work on a movie from its conception stage to its delivery stage. They have a say in how the scenes unfold, what props are going to be used, how the characters should look and who should play specific parts. Directors also work with individuals in charge of lighting, scenery, writing and so forth to make sure that all of the elements come together. The director is in charge of the three main phases, which are pre-production, production and post-production.

Guy Ritchie, Micheal Bay and Tyler Perry are oustanding directors. They direct most of the movies we see today. A director’s main duties include casting, editing scripts and composing, selecting and editing shots. Directors must also be aware of the of budget and schedule. Directors are responsible for the artistic and commercial success or failure of a film or television show.

Since there is so much responsibility involved with the job of being a director, it requires the ability to know when and what to delegate to others. Many times that’s where the assistant director comes in. All directors need actors, producers, stage hands, lighting, sound, set designer and costume designer. They all add to the final product of the production. I would enjoy being a director because I love taking the lead!