graduate statement of purpose

graduate statement of purpose

What is the difference between a statement of purpose for graduate school and the others?

There are so many types of personal statements written these days and each of them is often targeted towards a specific sector. However, not many people know exactly how they can differentiate between these statements and as such they end up mixing up everything. In that case, before you even start writing your perfect statement of purpose for graduate school then you must be able to tell the difference between these statements and the rest. That way you will be able to develop a quality statement. Here are some of the main distinctive factors between graduate statement of purpose and the rest.

Designed for academic purposes – the main purpose of the grad school statement of purpose is to give a brief history of your academic credentials and its main goal is to help you get into an academic institution. In that case, the main goal of this personal statement is to basically achieve an academic end and as such, you must write it and structure the statement of purpose for graduate school with this in mind.

It doesn’t need to be long – there is no need to make your statement of purpose long in fact most academic institutions will want you to make it as short as you can. Unlike in other statements where you have to cover as much as possible, when it comes to statement of purpose for grad school writing it is best to be simple, short and very clear.

The format is slightly different – there are so many formats today that you can use to structure your personal statement. However, a lot of grad schools will want you to structure your statement in a very specific manner. In that case take this into account when you are writing a statement of purpose for graduate school.