Happy Staff Appreciation Week! - Jeans ALL WEEK!

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Weekly Events

Monday, 5/2 – Geometry EOC & Algebra 2 FSA

‘It’s no mystery that we have the Best Staff!’

AM – AP Environmental Science Exam, gym

Lunches – Staff Appreciation Luncheon, outside on the green

PM – AP Psychology Exam, gym

6:00PM – Softball Banquet, Chili’s

Tuesday, 5/3 – Geometry EOC

‘We are On the Right Trial’ Mix Bar

AM – AP Spanish Language Exam, V2

Wednesday, 5/4 – Geometry EOC

‘Health Food Undercover’ with a Dessert

AM – AP Literature Exam, gym

7:45AM – AVID Site Team meeting, room 118

Thursday 5/5 – Make Up Testing

‘Give a Tip, Take a Chip’ & Salsa Bar

AM – AP Calculus Exam, gym

6:00PM – NHS Induction ceremony, Media

Friday, 5/6 – Make Up Testing - Interest Statements Due for LATIC

‘We Spy Something Yummy’ Breakfast

AM – AP United States History Exam, gym

1st Period - Progress Reports

Saturday, 5/7

9:00AM – Saturday School, EBD 1

Sunday, 5/8 – Mother’s Day

AVID Weekly - We need your help!

AVID Certification

The overall Certification rating for the AVID high school is determined based on the individual levels of implementation of each AVID Essential and the submission of AVID’s Data Collection forms. There are 11 AVID Essentials for secondary schools that are standard across the country and in the AVID world. Each Essential has multiple Indicators describing important aspects of implementation of that Essential. The site team will begin from this most specific point: determine the level of implementation of each Indicator in an Essential; then, from the levels for the Indicators, determine the overall level of implementation for each Essential. Finally, from the determination of each Essential, determine the recommended overall Certification rating for the school. The District Director reviews the Essentials and evidence and determines the school’s level of certification.

We Need Your Help!

The AVID Site Team is currently in the process of collecting evidence for its annual certification. Examples of any or all of the following would be greatly appreciated. Please send (email or mailbox) evidence to Kristen Martanovic or Cady Baer. Evidence will be returned to teacher once a copy has been made.

- Socratic Seminars: teacher lesson plan, student samples, pictures

- Philosophical Chairs: teacher lesson plan, student samples, pictures

- Cornell Notes: teacher lesson plan, student samples

- Examples of students demonstrating skills for accessing digital information from multiple sources efficiently and evaluating that information critically and competently.

- Examples of students utilizing multiple forms of media, both analog and digital, to create permanent documents or records for review, study, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

- Examples of students’ written reflection and/or learning logs

- Examples of students utilizing higher-level questions in notes and discussions

Again, we thank you for your continued support of the AVID program!

- Kristen and Cady

WANTED! – AVID Tutors for the 2016-2017 School Year

The RHS AVID program is looking to hire college students to be our tutors for the AVID Elective Class. Please have anyone that is interested email Kristen for more information. Interviews will take place over the summer.

Tutor Requirements

-Enrolled at least 1 college course

-Start date is Tuesday, August 16

-Be available Tuesdays AND Thursdays

-Hours are 8:15AM – 12:30PM (end time subject to change based on schedule. End time will be finalized this summer)

Kudos for Learning, Safety, and Pride!

Ms. Grubbs is being recognized by Mr. Martinez for Learning/Pride for always hearing me and helping me work it out.

Ms. Painter is being recognized by Ms. Surrency for Safety for being there for the faculty and staff during a difficult situation.

Ms. Miller is being recognized by Ms. Surrency for Safety for remaining calm and getting her class to my room when a student had a medical emergency.

Mr. H. Walker is being recognized by Ms. Surrency for Safety for diligently helping out and escorting students and making a presence in the hallways.

Bobby Cahoon is being recognized by Mr. Fisher & Ms. Walker for Safety for helping in the cafeteria and showing above and beyond teamwork and Ram Pride!

Ms. Delgardo is being recognized by Ms. Charpin for Pride for helping to accessorize team France! Go Pi Rates!

Ms. Leary is being recognized by Ms. Surrency for Safety for being a calm and collective voice during a difficult situation.

Ms. Nelson is being recognized by Ms. Maertin for Pride for helping register my Dual Enrollment students while I was testing.

Mr. Fisher and Ms. Walker by Ms. Surrency for going above and beyond every day!