Smoking should be banned.

It is dangerous and you can die from it.

Source 1 In anti smoke town fire storm

The main idea is that some stores have been banning cigarettes because they are starting to loose customers and some of them are dying and also they are banning smoking around stores. I say they should ban everywhere because if they do less people will get sick and die from it.

Fact evidence 1

"34 towns have raised the legal age to buying cigarettes to 21 from 18 and also 8 have banned the flavors of the e-cigs". They should ban them everywhere so people won't buy them no more and also the e-cig because they both have highly addictive nicotine and also they should raise the age higher.

Fact evidence 2

”Andrea Crete somebody who works on health said that youth who shop at least twice a week in stores that sell tobacco are 64% more likely to start smoking the those who don't”.The stores should put the cigarettes somewhere else like a private room or something so people won’t see them as much and they won’t be buying them all the time.

Fact evidence 3

”Also people who smoke are just taking their everyday freedom away said Nate Johnson”. People who smoke are just taking time of their life away and don’t live long and die.

Main idea 2

The main idea is about people who are in the military and have been dying because of the cigarettes and all the other tobacco product out there and they are starting to ban it.

Fact evidence 1

“Richard J. Durban said that they are wasting $1.6 billion a year on medical care of service members from tobacco related disease and loss of work”.

They should just ban smoking there because they are wasting a lot of money on people who are smoking because they are just getting sick and getting health problems.

Fact evidence 2

“Chuck Hegel wants to reduce the smoking of the people in the military and also want no use of all kinds of tobacco by 2020”.

They should start banning the cigarettes know if they really want to reduce the people from smoking and the use of all the types of tobacco.

Fact evidence 3

“Rep. Duncan D. Hunter said that we can’t have cigarettes if we want in this country, because that's unhealthy”.

People who smoke in the military should be fired because smoking causes a lot of health problems.

Main idea 3

The main idea is about how E-Cigarettes are still dangerous but better than regular because they have highly addictive nicotine and get people addicted to them to and also starting to ban them in public places.

People should not sell E-cigs because they are still addicting and have nicotine.

Fact evidence 1

“The New York City health commissioner under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg says allowing electronic cigarettes in bars and restaurants would undermine existing bans on tobacco- based products”.

They shouldn't let people smoke E-Cigs in restaurant and bars because other people are gonna be smelling the smoke and breathing it.

Fact evidence 2

“Peter Denholtz, the chief executive and co-founder of the Henley Vaporium in Manhattan, says electronic cigarettes could be the greatest invention of our lifetime in terms of saving lives" by moving smokers away from traditional cigarettes”.

I don't think they are good invention because they still have addicting nicotine in it and you can get sick and they don’t help save people lives because they are still addicting.

Fact evidence 3

“Robin Koval, chief executive of the anti-smoking Legacy Foundation, says that while ingredients in electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as those in tobacco products, they are still a concern because they contain highly addictive nicotine”.

E-cigs are still dangerous and should be banned because they still have addicting nicotine.

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