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All Fabric Displays by Radius Display Products

Are you looking for an exhibit for your first show? Are you on a limited budget? Are you a long-time exhibitor with a big custom booth but need a simple 10′ display for a “one-man” show? What about something to take to an on-site job fair or ballroom show? Take a look at our new All Fabric Exhibit package. We’ve sold the All Fabric Exhibit since we founded our business in 1977. Now, by combining the original concept with our RasterPrint™ graphics and TILT™ Graphic Stand, you can have flexibility, portability, easy set-up, and big impact at the same time. And, the whole package can be tossed in the trunk of your car or checked at the airport! The package gives you the flexibility to put your best foot forward, no matter what type of space you’re given. For traditional 10′ exhibit spaces with a provided pipe & drape, use the Maxi-Vision RasterPrint Backdrop as your backwall. If there is no pipe to hang the backdrop on, then utilize the TILT Graphic Stand as a backdrop.

Texas Custom Imprints plans to be your one stop shop for all of your imprint needs. TCI is proud to be an on line dealer for Radius Display Products out of Dallas. RDPD is one of the most popular suppliers of printed and unprinted covers, stage skirting, runners, skirting, lace overlays and other Hospitality products. When they became Radius Display Products, the company became one of the Trade Show / Exhibit industry leaders in signage, banners, truss display systems, pipe and drape and all other Trade Show supplies. You will find displays from an 8ft x 10ft Truss supported graphic system to complete system for a 20ft x 20ft trade show booth!

The new craze is “Stretch” fabric Covers! They are available as a “full” table cover or an “economy”. The difference is that a “full” has fabric on all 4 sides down to the floor and the “economy” has fabric to the floor on only 3 sides. Folks buy the economy when either they plan to put the table up against a wall or they are using the table like a “registration” table and they need a staff member to be able to sit behind one of the long sides without the fabric getting in the way. The economy covers have a small overhang of fabric to secure it to the table top. You can buy them with or without custom imprint.

Standard Twill Table Covers also known as table “throws”. Again, these are available in either the full or economy versions with or without custom imprint.

Table Runners with Rasterprint™ (dye sublimation process) imprinted runners are available in either 24”x66” for a 6ft table or 30”x66” for an 8ft table.

Display Truss systems are available from a full 20ftx20ft trade show booth to a small 36”Wx40”H countertop display. Photographic images that best show off your company!

Maxivision™ Table Skirting. This product is perfect for schools, churches and any other venues that want to show off with an image up to 60” using your standard 6ft or 8ft folding table! The skirts are available in standard length of 13ft, 17ft or 21ft.

Adjustable Banner stand with printed banner. This product is available 32” wide by 60”H, 72”H, 84”H or 96”H! The product even includes its own carrying case for easy transporting.

Dress up you booth with a free standing Adjustable Portable Pole system with a “seamless mural” 5ft wide, 8ft wide or 10ft wide and 8ft tall!! This product also includes a tote bag for easy transporting.

Portable Banner Stand either a “swing” type or stationary type. Available either 24” wide or 36” wide x 84” tall. Your company image can be imprinted on either just one side or two depending on how you plan to place the banner.

Complete Portable Graphic Systems – 8ft tall , 6ft table top, 8ft “Back Wall” 10ft “back Wall”, 10ft “Curved Back Wall”. All include at least one light, graphics, end caps and soft travel case.

Ascend™ Retractable Graphic System – available either 52” Wide or 62” Wide x 80” Tall! Retracts into included carry bag in seconds! Full Rasterprint™ photographic printing system.

Pedestal & Pedestal Groups – These easy to set up and easy to transport units are available with XX fabric colors. The product is available as an individual triangular piece (32”x32”x32”), an individual square piece (26”x26”) or 3 piece groups both square and triangular

Trade Show Furniture – there are two types of folding tables, the standard particleboard laminate tables and also blow molded plastic tables. There are canvas directors chairs, wood bar stools and metal bar stools, and a few different styles of metal stack chairs. Look at the Pedestal Tables that are designed to break down for easy transport. These plywood top tables are available in either 30” round or 36” round. The tables are available as either a standard table height (30”H) or a “bar height” (42”H) version. Or specify both heights for only $25 more.

In regards to imprinting indoor products, there are 3 basic imprint processes.

Radius Xpress Scan is the original heat imprint process in the Trade Show Exhibit industry. This process utilizes a computer program to cut your logo or corporate message from a heat transfer media. From there the image is prepared and bonded to any of our fabric products using extreme heat and high pressure. The resulting image can be machine washed and will not crack or peel (guaranteed). Xpress Scan is the best imprint option when you do not have a custom color to match and are dealing with 30 or less pieces. If you have more pieces, need to match a color exactly, or if your image involves fine detail (like dot patterns) then look at Radius Screen Print as your best option. The Xpress® Scan process is a great option for small quantity, simple images (no dot patterns or gradations) that need a quick turnaround. Your image will be produced using either textured or glossy material. Before specifying this process, please fax your image to us, to help you determine if Xpress® Scan is an option for you. Images are restricted to 13” high. This process will not match specific PMS or CMYK colors with Xpress® Scan. Before specifying this process, it is strongly suggested that you utilize our “FREE File Review” to help determine if Xpress® Scan is an option for you.

Screen Print is the best option if your logo requires an exact color match, contains fine detail (like small dot patterns), or if you require more than 30 pieces. Screen Print was our original imprint method over 30 years ago, longer than anyone in the industry, so there’s virtually no job RDPD cannot handle. Screen printing is ideal for complex logos, critical ink match and large orders. Most every image can be screen printed if the art is supplied in the correct format. If you are using dot patterns or gradations, they will be printed at 35 line screen. Some combinations of certain ink colors on our particular fabric colors require the use of a white ink undercoat. Please call to determine if this will be required for your order. A Pantone Matching System (PMS) number will be required for specifying ink color. Supply native FreeHand or Illustrator files. FreeHand and Illustrator create vector (line) based images as opposed to bitmapped (dot) based images. Xpress® Scan can only use the vector based type of file. A bitmapped image that has been “placed” or “imported” into FreeHand or Illustrator will NOT work for us. The process can work on a Macintosh platform. The process may work on a “PC platform” but cannot guarantee that they will convert to our platform. If you do not have FreeHand or Illustrator, save or export your file as an .ai or .eps file and it will be determined if it can be used. Make sure to change text to outlines: FreeHand: from the Edit menu, pull down to select, then over to all, then from the Text menu, pull down to convert to paths. Illustrator: from the Select menu, pull down to all, then from the type menu, pull down to create outlines.

AppliPrint combines the best of our Xpress Scan and RasterPrint™ processes. First, the process will print your image to a white fabric using RasterPrint. Then the process will profile cut the image and use an industrial adhesive to heat-set it to any color Throw Cover, Banner, Backdrop, or virtually any fabric product from our line. This means they don’t have to print the entire front of the Throw Cover so you save money! Not all images are appropriate for our AppliPrint process, so call for more details. AppliPrint™ must have a simple shape (circle, square, oval, etc) can be printed via RasterPrint™HD, and adhered to any color fabric. The maximum size is 24”h x 32”w. This process is not for intricate images. Due to the nature of dye-sub printing, it cannot be guaranteed a perfect color match. Colors will be matched to PMS or a printout as closely as possible. Image File Specifications can work from Photoshop, Illustrator or FreeHand files, it can on a Macintosh platform. Files from “PC platform” will be accepted, but cannot guarantee that they will convert to our platform. Do I need to send support files? Yes.

Radius RasterPrint is a dye-sublimation process that yields photographic images on fabric. With this process, the image becomes molecularly bonded to the fabric so it can be washed without harming the image. The RasterPrint process can be used with virtually any of our fabric products (and even with our Portable Products using RasterPrint Loop). Banners, backdrops, murals, Throw Covers…the possiblities are endless. Using RasterPrint for photographic images, many of our clients have found it a cost effective way to print multi-colored logos on our Throw Covers or other products. Because RasterPrint has no set-up charge, you can produce your logo on a small number of units and spare yourself the multiple set-up charges of screen print. RasterPrint is Graphic FabricTM. Although images can only be printed on white fabric. Due to the nature of dye-sub printing, it cannot be guaranteed a perfect color match. Colors will be matched to PMS or a printout as closely as possible. Maximum width of each piece is 96”. Larger areas will require seams, vertical or horizontal. Our minimum requirement is 100 ppi AT THE FINAL SIZE, and this is optical, not interpolated (Example: a 4” x 5” image should be at least 2400 ppi in order to achieve 100 ppi at 8’ x10’.)

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