Cardinal News

April 3rd - April 9th


At East Central Junior High we are committed to preparing students academically and socially to be self-sufficient, contributing members of the community with plans for a successful future.

Good evening,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! As we gear up for another week of school, it is hard to believe that there are only six week left in the year and only two weeks until we begin OCCT testing. A couple of things to note this week:

  1. Home opener soccer game is Wednesday (Jeans passes for any one who attends)
  2. We have two drills this week (See WAG below).
  3. Monday we will meet in PODs to plan the roll out of the Parents, Student, Teacher OCCT guides.

I have recently learned about the practice of restorative justice which is a different approach to discipline within schools. I did some research to find out exactly what this practice is and have attached an article on this practice here. I found the article very informative and maybe the answer (or at least a start) to changing the behaviors of some of our more challenging students. I would love to hear your thoughts on this practice and how it could benefit the students at our school.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and I look forward to another successful week at ECJH!

Testing Schedule

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Attend our home soccer game - earn a jeans day

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Morning Duty Assignments

Foyer- Brown/Sanders

Cafeteria - T. Potts/Storey

Gym - Roberts/Pool

Snack/Machine - Sheets/Jeremy Willis

Erica Sinnott

  1. What is your favorite movie? Miracle
  2. What do you do to relax? Shop, it’s like therapy.
  3. Who inspires you? Gregg Popovich, he’s a basketball genius. …And my husband, he’s the hardest working guy I know.
  4. If I could travel anywhere it would be...New Zealand
  5. My favorite music/artist is...Frank Sinatra, The Cure, Blake Shelton … I’m currently obsessed with Gwen Stefani’s new music.
  6. Who would you like to interview next? Maria “Rosy” Alvarez

Week At a Glance

Sunday, April 3rd, 7am to Saturday, April 9th, 9am

12121 East 21st Street

Tulsa, OK

Monday, April 4th-

  1. POD Meetings

Tuesday, April 5th -

  1. Lang. Arts and Social Studies PLC's in Library
  2. March Student of the Month announced
  3. Detention/Tutoring - 3:30-4:30

Wednesday, April 6th -

  1. Reading, Science and Math PLC's in Library.
  2. Education Talent Search - 8th (1:25-2:17)/7th (2:30-3:20)
  3. Soccer vs. McLain @ East Central HS - 6:00

Thursday, April 7th -

  1. Detention/Tutoring - 3:30-4:30
  2. Tornado Drill @ 1:30

Friday, April 8th -

  1. Fire Drill @ 3:15

Saturday, April 9th -

  1. Lesson Plans Due
  2. Saturday Detention 8-11
  3. Math Camp 8-11

Upcoming Events

4/18-4/20 - OCCT Testing-Language Arts

4/20 - Progress Reports distributed

4/21-4/25 - OCCT Testing - Science

4/26-4/28 - OCCT Testing - Social Studies

4/29 - Junior Achievement Day