The King's Way or the Highway

A Feudalism Project By Danielle Baker

What is Feudalism?

A group of people in Europe during the Middle Ages in which people worked and fought for nobles who gave them things in return. It was some sort of cooperative agreement. The nobles got the land from the Kings who made all the decisions. Feudalism in some ways is similar to tyranny because of the king's power. Although Feudalism was a type of government where the King made the decisions it worked for everyone because they had to compromise. For example, the Kings would give the nobles land in exchange they would provide the king with Knights to fight and protect is lands. Another example of how it worked was that nobles hired peasants to work the land and in return they earned money and had a place to live on the manor.

Feudalism Social Structure

A Feudalism Evaluation

Good or Bad?

I can not choose if it was good or bad because I think how they work together is good, but the King tyrant power could get out of control. It’s good because they all work together. For example, the upper class (barons, lords, and nobles) got land from the king if they provided them with knights. Then the knights got land, but in exchange gave the barons protection and worked military for the king when needed. The peasants/serfs got land because they would give labor and farm for everyone! However, I do not think the way people were treated and their rights were fair. The king had all power and the barons were respected and had more rights and power than knights and were very wealthy. The knights had more rights, land power, and wealth than peasants and were treated with respect. Peasant were given no respect and had very little rights or power. Finally, the serfs had no rights, no respect, and power Serfs were slaves. I disagree with how people were treated because there were no equal rights.

Compromise and Conflict

The Feudalism was full of cooperation and conflict because of how it was set up. For example when somebody has too much power it could be conflict because some people don’t agree with his rules. However, as the Feudal System continued the peasants, nobles, and others under the king had him sign a Magna Carta, which limited the King’s powers and gave more rights to those under them.

Feudalism VS. The USA/Other Societies/Schools

Compared To A School

A school is like feudalism because the principles have all power, make the rules and choices like a king would. While, the teacher has power like a noble where they can make his/her own class rules but still has to follow the principles rules as well. Students do not have power, but they have rights However they do not make rules. The students are similar to that of a peasant.

Compared to the US Government

Our government is not like feudalism. The US government is a republic democracy, which is like an indirect democracy. I do not think citizens of the US could handle having one person with so much power.

Compared to Other Societies

Its different than Rome and Greece who both had a form of democracy where only men could vote. However, Rome and Greece societies were similar as in they had different classes who held different powers. For example, Greece had wealthy people like nobles in higher up positions and people who were considered free sort of like peasants with less structure. Also Greece had Sparta and Rome had gladiators, which were similar to Knights in the fact that they fought.

The Black Plague

Black Death ("Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani)