Camelot House System


House System Principles

The House System is the most exciting implementation and project we have started at Camelot. This system allows each student and staff member to join one of four houses. With the House System, we will be creating a culture of belonging among students across all grade levels, while also fostering positive relationships with each other and staff members. Every student at Camelot has be placed into one of the four houses, Altrismo the house of givers, Amistad the house of friendship, Isibindi the house of courage, and Reveur the house of dreamers. Once a student joins a house, they will remain a member of that house for their entire time as a student at Camelot. Students will develop a deeper understanding for their house, the meaning of their crest, and the characteristics and values each house holds. Students will have the opportunity to earn points for their house for good character, outstanding grades, participation, school leadership, school spirit and so much more.

Implementing our House System is a huge task for our campus but we know its a crucial part to fostering this new environment. Every Friday during our Synergy assembly, students will get to sit with their houses and show their spirit. They will learn their house hand sign, chants, and get to wear their house shirt. An explanation for how the point system will work and ways they can earn points will be provided to all students. At the end of the school year we will crown a house champion and have a huge celebration.

Financial goals

As our ambition to implement the house systems spread among the staff, we were realistically aware of the monetary challenges we would face. Below are a few things we have carefully considered that we will need to get started. We feel that these allocations will be sufficient for us to effectively begin the House System in January and provide enough funding for all of next school year. All money donated will go directly towards the House Systems as the school sees fit.

House shirts for every student- $3,000 (need 600 shirts @$5.00)

House software to track points- $2,050 annually

Funds for house celebrations- $500

House Shirt Fundraiser

Other ways to donate...

You can mail/drop off a check or money order made out to Camelot Elementary. Attention to Armando Cardenas. All money raised will got to our house system!