The start of the medical field

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Join the medical field by getting your CNA class

CNA is short term for certified nurse assistant. CNA are the ones that have more direct contact with the patients. They give most of the care of their need.Being a CNA is not easy but one of the very respectful jobs theres is of many other ones.

What Certified Nursing Assistant Do?

  • Provide high-quality patient care as an in-demand per-diem CNA within surgical, acute-care, rehabilitation, home-healthcare and nursing-home settings.
  • Preserve patient dignity and minimize discomfort while carrying out duties such as bedpan changes, diapering, emptying drainage bags and bathing.
  • Commended for chart accuracy, effective team collaboration, patient relations and consistent delivery of empathetic care.
  • Provided nursing assistance to residents in a 120-bed long-term-care facility.
  • Adhered to safety guidelines; completed hospital’s three-hour Patient Safety Training Program.
  • Ensured the accurate, timely flow of information by maintaining thorough patient records and updating healthcare team on patients’ status.
  • Complied with HIPAA standards in all patient documentation and interactions.
  • Displayed strong clinical skills in assessing vital signs, performing lab draws and glucose checks, and providing pre- and post-operative care.
  • Assisted residents with activities of daily living including helping with meals, transferring using assistive devices, bathing, dressing and grooming.
  • Completed 60 hours of clinical training
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CNA state exam

Sunday, Dec. 13th, 7:30pm

4003 U.S. 277

Eagle Pass, TX

CC winn high school student will take their state exam.

"nursing is the gentle art of caring"

What to Expect as a CNA

To be a nursing assistant, you must have compassion and a desire to help people .Its not an easy job, but it can be very regarding. As an RN in long term care for many years ,i have observed the dismay that new CNA's feel when overwhelmed by the workload and fast pace. when faced with challenging situations, nursing assistants who seem to be able to manage stress best are those with true compassion for the people who they are caring for. patience is crucial to the job, along with self-confidence and a certain level of maturity. is is important to know that every state is different in regards to amount of time required for training and testing and the type of environment you'd like to work in. so to become a CNA you need to be trained first of all. being a nursing assistant is not for everyone and many care facilities have been experiencing great difficulty recruiting and retaining qualified staffing in recent years. always remember that you are a respected and valuable professional member of the health team who provides vital care.
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"if you find it in your heart to care for somebody else , you will have succeeded"

Requirements to be in a CNA class

Some states do allow licensure as early as 16 years of age, certain employers may not hire you until you are at least 18. This is important to keep in mind as your license may be suspended if you do not meet minimum employment requirements for maintaining your license in your state.If you are still in high school and want to become a CNA, try to take courses that will help you when you begin your CNA training program such as biology, chemistry, human anatomy and physiology, and algebra or higher-level math courses. Some high schools even have a CNA training program - be sure to find out more details about yours.In order to work in any area of nursing, you will need to have a clean record. You will eventually be screened to ensure you are free of criminal convictions, chemical dependency and drug abuse, mental health conditions, and medical conditions that may hinder your ability to perform your job.Although you may be able to get your CNA license with some criminal convictions on your record, you may not be able to gain employment in certain medical settings because of those convictions.

CNAs are in a Great Demand

Being a Nursing Assistant is not for everyone, and many care facilities have been experiencing great difficulty recruiting and retaining qualified staffing in recent years. Our country has experienced a crisis in the area of the direct care-giving field with shortages in CNAs rating among the top causes. The pay scale often does not reflect the difficult nature of the work expected of nursing assistants. All too common short staffing with resulting frustration in an effort to provide quality care contributes to this astounding turnover rate. The shortage of caregivers combined with growing long-term care needs of our elderly population is basis for the great demand for CNAs and resulting numerous job opportunities. If you decide to choose this field of work never think or say "I'm just a CNA." On the contrary, always remember that you are a respected and valuable professional member of the health team who provides vital care.

"The true measure of and individual is how he treats a person who can do him absolutely no good"

How to Decide on a Good Place to Work

One very helpful method is to check the Nursing Home Inspector section on our site. This tool will allow you to determine how a facility has performed for the last three annual inspections and any recent complaints that were registered. This is an excellent screening tool providing a baseline and means of comparing homes against each other. Another good way to learn more about a facility or agency is simply by word of mouth. Talk frankly to other CNAs as well as the families with loved ones in facilities or with Home Care Agencies. Make a visit to the facility and talk to the staff about what they do and don't like about their workplace. Learn about the orientation you will be given as well as ongoing nursing supervision and in-services provided. Most importantly, you need to sense an atmosphere of positive respect towards CNAs from all members of the health team in a particular facility or agency.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

We Are Human (2015 Nurse Campaign) by Northumbria University Nursing Students


Crystal- Why did you choose to become a CNA instructor?

Ms. Alvares- "I became a CNA instructor because i love seeing students wanting to take a big step in their life. Also seeing them happy when they find out they passed their state exam."

Esmeralda- Why did you choose to be in the CNA program?

Jessica-"I choosed to be in the CNA program becuase i love helping people out. Just knowing that with my care their going to be better, it makes me happy."

Diana- Why did you choose to be in the CNA program?

Jennifer- "I choosed to be in the CNA program because i love the feeling when i see my patients smile after i take care of them and when they tell you "god bless you" when you leave."

Analiz- Why did you choose to be in he CNA program?

Elizabeth- "I choosed to be in the CNA program because i work hard in school and i love helping people out. its something that i love to do and something that i want for my future."

"i treated my patients with compassion wear'n scrubs is my fashion i fight sickness with aggression CNA is my profession"

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