Company Pages Weekly News

06/24/2013 to 01/07/2013


Emailing about the shutdown of TWITTER API

What is it?

An emailing wil be sent to administrators of all company pages

  • We wil inform and explain why we switch this service off
  • We will promote the RSS feed as a solution
  • And sooner a brand new header wil be released +spontaneous application


Friday last meeting between Marketing and Product team.

Date of sending:

Search members KO


when a member searches C2L2


the company displayed in the search result is 2VS2 and not C2L2


in progress

Evolution: Display a specific header and video for each tab

What is it?

The idea is to display a specific image and video in the tab for any tab, e.g.

  • Tab panorama: Display a corporate picture and video
  • Tab Carre&Jobs: Display a Office Picture and interview of an employee
  • Tab Discussion dedicated to products: Product picture and a Product demo video...

Business model?

This is a feature that allows clients to customize their Company Page so it must be a paid option standalone or embedded.


In progress and hope it will be released soon


Corporate Solutions team

Ali Laanatri

Senior Product owner - Company Pages - Education - Schoolpage Product Dept

Jonathan Leonardo
Web Product Manager Assistant - Company Pages - Product Dept

Romain Berthomé

Web Product Manager Assistant - Education - Schoolpage- Product Dept