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Being Successful

Mission Statement - In order to achieve all of my life goals, I only need to follow the following. I must work hard, persevere, stay strong, be committed and look for the light in the dark. Then and only then, will I succeed.

The following mission statement is perfect for me in order to maintain myself and achieve what I want. By working hard, I can't go wrong there, if I work hard at anything I can accomplish a lot. But in order to work hard and stay at it, you need to stay strong physically and mentally; this is perseverance.

Come To Iowa State!!!

Come to one of Americas top Engineering schools!!!

-Here we will train you to leave our school able to walk into your desired career field and company.

-We have an acceptance rate of 82%.

-Here our most popular and excelled career is our engineering department.

Excerpt From Our Top Trending Book

“It's not what happens to us, but our response to what happens to us that hurts us.”
Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

The meaning behind this quote is quite simple, but has such a large impact on everyones lives. In this quote, Covey is telling his readers that events do not shape us, but is how we respond to them. So if a major event was to happen in your life, that event is not what is going to change our life, but it is how you decide to react yo it. Lets say that I apply to a college that I have worked very hard at and spent countless hours trying to get into this school. But I ended up not getting accepted. Ultimately this should not effect my life until I react to the event. I can decide to sulk and be upset that I didn't get in the school and stay at home knowing that I cant go to college now. Or I can realize that they don't want me and I cant do much about it. So I go and apply to other schools. BY following this quote ant applying it to my life, it will help me live a proactive life. I will be responding to the events that occur in my life, effectively and wont let them hold me back.

What Is Happiness

Happiness is doing the things love with the people I love. Happiness is when I am satisfied with how my life is and how it mat come to be.

Things that make happy are things like being with my friends and living life like there is no tomorrow. Just in case my life is not looking too great at the moment, in order to find happiness in the dark, you only need to look for something bright. No matter where you are, know that there is always something to be happy about; just look for it and it will find you.

Next year I will be out on my own, and to keep myself going, I need to stay happy with my life. In order to achieve this, all I have to do is push on and know that in the end, it will all be okay.

To me, money may be able to achieve happiness, but this is only temporary happiness. You will always have to keep spending money to keep your happiness high. But looking elsewhere besides money will bring you long lasting happiness.

Looking for Principal Engineers!!!

We are looking for Principal engineers for Garmin whom have at least five - seven years of engineering experience.

Starting salary - You can begin you job with a starting pay of $120,000.

Work Hours - Around eight hours a day every week day. You will get holidays off and get a set amount of vacation days.

Job - You will be managing a set project and engineering team, you will be responsible for your team, budget, and the set deadlines.