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Dr. Marriott's Message to Staff, April 1 Edition

Dear Pirate Staff,

On Monday, the Superintendent's Advisory Council met. I asked the team the following four questions:

1. What's working well?

2. Do you have the resources you need to do your job?

3. Is there anything that I (Dr. Marriott) can do better to help you perform well?

4. Is there anyone who has been especially helpful to you?

I received very insightful feedback from the Council. But, I also ask these questions of you. As we reflect on the past year, we know it's been another tough year, which followed a previously tough year. We recognize that educators and educational support staff around the country are not paid their worth. Not only do I want to hear what we can do to make you a better educator/food service professional/custodian/paraprofessional/health staff member/administrative assistant, but I also want to hear what has worked well.

This year our administration has been trying to make a shift to focus on what is working well and investing our efforts, time, energy, and financial resources into repeating what's working well. I'm also going to be asking the same questions to the Superintendent's Parent and Community Advisory Council that will meet on Thursday. How do we center our efforts on what we are doing well?

We are finishing Week #31. While some of the days have been long, the year sure has been short. Spring is always a bittersweet time...excited for the summer but trying to not wish the year away.

"Life if short. Time is fast. No replay. No rewind. So enjoy every moment as it comes."

Enjoy your weekend,



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All about the 403(b)

What Is a 403(b) Plan?

Simply put, a 403(b) is an employer-sponsored plan you can use to save for retirement, like a big bucket you put money into for your future. Then, when you retire, you draw your income from that bucket.

FTJ Solutions, our 403b Plan Administrator, has implemented an intranet website for you to enroll, change, discontinue your contributions on your 403b/457 accounts. This will replace Open Enrollment in person for the 403b/457 products.

Here are some of the things you can expect to see on the intranet site:

  • Ongoing online enrollment. Including changing and creating new accounts.
  • Access to your school districts approved vendors websites
  • Electronically completed participation agreements (SRA/Salary Reduction agreements)
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy access to your demographic information

Check out the webinar at 4:00 PM on April 5 on Webex (Meeting number (access code): 24590687989)or the presentations below to get instructions on how to get started.

Pirate Staff Shout-outs

Megan Black, LSE Health Office

Submitted by Vicki Friedrich

Megan, thank you for all you do for the LSE students and staff. You show remarkable calmness and provide great care to them, regardless if it is an everyday concern or an emergency. As our Pirate health team lead I never have to worry that during an emergency that you will always handle things like a pro. Thanks for all you do!

Emily Rapp, HCP Music

Emily Rapp did a fantastic job of stepping in and creating a wonderful and entertaining First Grade program! You rock!
Celebrate a Pirate Colleague

Please fill out this form to help our Ship celebrate our successes, big and small. Attach any documents or photos, too. This form can also be used to show gratitude to another staff member.

Resources and Inspiration for our Pirate Team

Worth Repeating

A Few Other Reminders...

  • Thank you for your hard work to submit all purchase orders by March 31st! I processed over 250 purchase orders on Thursday :)
  • Our "All Hands on Deck" Community Service projects resumed this week at DB. LSE will participate the week of April 5th, and BHS/BTEC the week of May 4th. I can't wait for our community to see all of the great service projects provided by our students.
  • A BOE Budget Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th at 6pm. All are welcome to attend.
  • You may see some new faces working after school around the district. We've hired four high school students to assist with grounds upkeep and cleaning.
  • Our End of the Year Celebration will be at the Isle of Capri on Monday, May 23rd beginning at 8am.

Click the banner for a chance to win this week's prize- a $10 Sonic gift card, donated by Edward Jones.

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April Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday, April 13th, 6pm

736 Main Street

Boonville, MO