how do they celebrate?

what would you wear to the celebration?

what are some examples of celebration?

what do they use to celebration?

what holidays do they celebration

what do they do to celebrate?

what do they eat at our celebration?

what games do they at their celebration?


what kind of language do they speak?

what is the name of the language?

what are some examples of the language?

how many official languages are there in a country?

can they speak multiple language?


what do they belief in?

what religion do they have?

do they have religion?

where they practice religion?

are there religious ceremony?


what do they eat?

how do they cook their food?

what is the food made of?

how is their food served?

what famous dishes do they make?

what do they eat for each meal?

famous people

what famous person is important in this country?

are their representations of their famous people?

how did they change history?

where there born?

where they are grow up?


include a map flag

what does the flag stands for?

what is the weather like?

what is the time zone?

do they have national symbols?

other interesting information

en dangered animal?

how is school different?

what is architecture like?

what is fashion like?