My Career Experience

Harpreet Kaur

Smart Goal

Academic Smart Goal

S- I want to get a 70% in academic math next semester.

M- In order to keep track of my progress I will save all of my tests and after every unit, I will see what my average is at which will allow me to see how hard I need to work on the next unit and how I cannot afford to do bad in the future units. Also, before a test or assignment talk to my teacher, at least, three days before and see if I understand the unit and is on the right path.
A - I will take tutoring three times a week which will allow me to understand the unit and get the extra help I need. Also, by saving all my tests, I will ask the teacher what I did wrong and review my test along with notes two weeks before exams.
R- Math is a course I have a struggle with and I know if I take these extra steps I will be happy with my mark. This course tends to bring down my overall average, so if I try hard in this class I will feel accomplished.
T- I want to reach this goal by June 2016 after exams.

Volunteering Smart Goal

S- I would like to do 140 volunteer hours at Brampton Civic Hospital by helping the nurses give patients anything they need to be comfortable such as water or blankets.

M- I will track how many hours I do by writing on a paper how many hours I have completed and how many hours I have left to complete. My goal every month would be to get at least 36 hours and If I miss a day of volunteering I will make it up but doing volunteering on the weekend.

A – I will volunteer after school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three hours on those days. I will go after school from 4-7. I will set my school work so I have all my assignments done over the weekend which will lead me for the weekdays to be free and have only small amount of course work.

R- The reason why I want to volunteer at the hospital is because I want to become a nurse and this is a great way to get experience. Also, my family has been to the hospital a lot due to health conditions and I find that this is a way to give back to the hospital along with the nurses and to say thank you for all they have done.

T- I want to complete these hours by June 2016.

Future Nursing Resume

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Information for Nursing Resume

30 Lion Pride Lane

Brampton, ON L6R 3E3


Harpreet Kaur


Compassionate healthcare professional with exceptional clinical, didactic, and leadership skills. Comfortable in fast-pace emergency situations and adept in crisis management. Successful in chronological organization, prioritizing tasks and exercising the judgment required to improve the quality of patient care.


· Solid experience and knowledge in elderly acute care, orthopedic, and long term care

· Excellent communication skill with aptitude to interact effectively with diverse individuals, such as administration, peers physicians, residents and families

· Manage time and administrative duties efficiently and effectively

· Highly reliable self-starter: can be counted on to prioritize assignments with little or no supervision

· Good organization, observation, and problem-solving abilities

· Works effectively in an interdisciplinary team to provide complete resident centered care


2019-2020 Sandalwood Park Village of Schlegel Villages Brampton, ON

Assistant Coordinator

· Initiated in restorative programs- assisted b RAI coordinator

· Worked on care plans for multiple residents using Gold care

· Attended weekly Quality Improvement Program meetings with the leadership team

· Addressed concerns with families and team members in a professional manner

2020-2021 Sunnybrook – Holland Center 6E-Orthopedics Toronto, ON


· Assist in ambulation, mobilization, transfer etc.

· Provide quality patient care including personal hygiene.

· Assist patient with bed making, feeding etc.

· Administration of medications by injection, IV therapy and nasal tubing

2021-2022 Brampton Civic Hospital- William Osler Health Center Brampton, ON


· Setting up tubing including flushing/changing, flushing saline locks

· Entering feeds, blood glucose monitoring, oxygen saturation and applying of oxygen

· Reviewing lab work, medication administration, and IM injection/Narcotics

· Head to toe assessment, patient condition including vital signs

Work Experience

May 2020- September 2021 Starbucks Mississauga, ON


· Ensured operations task were done in a timely and efficient manner

· Responsible for daily closing and operation store

· Proven efficient in daily cash management

November 2012- June 2022 CBC Bank Malton, ON

District Operations Manager

· Contributed to driving branch growth and corporate goals

· Excluded infrastructure and operations initiatives, including internal and external fraud protection

· Dealt with legal matters, staffing, employee relations, and community procedures to new employee

June 2018- August 2018 Sauble Beach Sauble Beach, ON


· Oversaw a beach with average of 50 residents near water in teams of 2 lifeguards

· Inspected beach an removed dangerous objects from shore

· Provided first aid assistance to over 20 residents injured playing sport on beach


2018-2022 McMaster University Hamilton, ON

· McMaster Mohawk Conestoga B.Sc.N. Program

· Registered Practical Nursing

2014-2018 Louise Arbour Secondary School Brampton, ON

· Honor Roll- 85%

Certifications and License

· Certified Nurse, Operating Room (CNOR)

· Registered Nurse (RN)

· Basic Life Support (BLS)

· Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

· Trauma Nurse Care Course (TNCC)

· Certified in level HCP of CPR


· Travel around the world and learn about different cultures

· Going to the gym and staying healthy

· Socialising with friends and family

· Playing football on a weekly basis


· English

· French

· Punjabi

· Spanish

Reference Available Upon Request

Challenges that an RN Faces

Although nursing is a career that offers a great amount of help to the ones in need, there are many challenges that come along with this career. One of the biggest challenges that you would face is being emotionally attached. RN nurses work with a patient and depending on the unit you work at, it may be more emotional than others. Oncology nurses, which is what I would like to become, have a hard time dealing with patients who have cancer and unfortunately, often slowly watching them pass away. When seeing a patient every day and one day they aren’t there hurts you because even for months you see the patient fighting away cancer only to see in the end they didn’t win. Not even with cancer patients, but with long-term care patients you tend to be emotionally attached especially when one day they are doing so good and other days they are not. Depending on who the patient is, plays an important role to your emotions whether it is the person reminds you of someone or the connection you have with them. Working as an oncology nurse for children and seeing them at a young age fighting such a tough battle is hard and may affect you more than you think. One rule the hospitals have made is that you cannot be the nurse in charge for a family member, as you would get emotionally involved too much. Other ways you can overcome this challenge is knowing that although one person lost their life, they are in a better place. Talking to a counsellor will help as they will teach you to be strong and although the patient is suffering, they need you to be strong for them.

Another serious challenge that RN nurses face is making sure that they always stay healthy. When working at the hospital, you are putting yourself into an environment where you deal with many illnesses, airborne disease and you are exposed to harmful and hazardous drugs and other substance. When working with different patients, it is easy to catch these diseases. On a daily basis, you will work with blood, urine and other fluids and although your uniform and gloves, your job protects you requires you to put the patient first. If a patient falls, your first instinct is to help them, not go and get gloves and a mask. You can have skin-to-skin contact, which allows you to be exposed to these problems. This is extremely important for RN nurses that work in the emergency unit. In emergency, there are different diseases and often work with blood and urine. There have been cases where the blood has gotten on the skin or in eyes, which the nurse needs to clean immediately. However, you cannot leave the patient to go get yourself cleaned which makes it a high risk for nurses that work to get these diseases. Diseases are not the only problem they have to deal with. When on shift they often have to transfer patients do different beds and work on their feet all day, which can result to back pain. A way to cope with this issue is to make sure you have regular checkups and keep yourself clean. When you make skin-to-skin contact, it is important to wash any exposed area immediately after helping. Also, use the benefits you have to get massages and take rest when you are not working. Although patients’ health comes first, nurses’ health matters too.