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Cultural Revolution


Time period: 1966-1979

Location: China

Who revolted?

China's people


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Why did they Revolt.

People weren't happy of Mao's attempt.

  • Get rid of his Rivals
  • Revive his image

How did they Organize?

Mao tried changing everything. Religion was one of his mayor goals. With out religion people would not have someone to believe on Other than Mao. Mao also punished people who were educated because they had the chance of standing up for themselves. He wanted for everything to be destroyed just like street names, old books.

How did the people overthrow the government?

People were nervous of there actions, since they were accused for the smallest things.

How did the Government respond?

If they saw something that they wouldn't like, they would pushed you by your actions. Also people would make up lies just for someone to be punish.

How was the government the same or different following the revolution?

Nothing was the same in China. Education, Cultural, Religion changed.

What was the lasting impact of the revolution on the people, country, region, world?

Nothing went back to normal.

What Is the Cultural Revolution?