california LA

where i want to go

ten intresting facts about LA



3.Lakers game

4.Oil rig in Dodger stadium

5.Beverly Hills has a Lima bean farm

6.Beverly Hills chiwawa

7.2006 Tar pit was discoverd

8.HollyWood sign used to be HollyWoodLand

9.It is legle to lick a frog in LA has cool beaches

flight,dictence,and hotel

It wold take 3h and 20+min.It is 1765 miles from Willis to LA California. I wold travle by plane.And wold stay for 5 days.I will stay at the hainhotle and hostel.It has free wifi,free breakfast,,and gaming consoles and computers.

Stuff i wold bring

xbox 360,pellow,ipad,blanket,ear buds,fishing magasine,video camra,and laptop

cost of it all

my trip will cost $822

lodging 102 a night

i wold bring$1000

food $500

travel plain

airfare $312

gas $500