Pop Latino

Kelly Gardus

Type of Music / History of Music

The majority of Pop Latino is listened to in Latin America. It originated in Latin America as well but was/is listened to in other Spanish-Speaking countries. It was mostly affected by production techniques and other styles of music. Pop Latino got it's start in the mid 1960's after Sergio Mendes. When it first got popular the rhythm of the music relied on synthesizers and drum machines.

Development & Dancing

Pop Latino has become the most common type of Latin Music in America. Since the late 1990's Pop Latino has evolved to use just common pop instruments that we use today such as, guitars and drums.

Pop Latino Dancing has a wide variety of dance styles including the cha cha cha, samba, mamba, etc. These dances are mostly performed in groups at large celebrations. When performing, your costume depends on the dance. Your costume is usually an elaborate dress that is fitted at the top and flares out at the bottom. For a man the costume is usually a tight fitting black shirt and pants. (Picture shown below)

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The Music Today / Famous Artists

As previously stated, Pop Latino is the most common form of Latin Music listened to in the US. The music is getting larger and more popular in the U.S as more people come here. It is predicted that Pop Latino will continue to grow. Currently, Shakira is a well know Pop-Latino artist who's music is popular here in America.

Famous Artists from the past

Leonel García

Gian Marco

Mario Domm

Draco Rosa

Dance Again with Kit (Latin Pop)

Pop Latino Dance

This video above is an example of Pop Latino dancing currently in Latin America and America.