Story of Michael Oher

Overcoming himself his town and his family

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Early Life

Michael was born on May 28 1986, his early life wasn't to good. He grew up one of twelve children, with both mom and dad in and out of jail for drugs. Michael grew up in a very small town in Tennessee, he was very very poor. Michael went into many foster homes and homeless shelters as a kid because of the fact that his parents were always in jail. He also had a difficult time academically going to eleven schools in his first nine years of school. When Michael was a senior in high school he got terrible news while at school that his father was murdered. In the middle of high school Michael was taken in by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. By the time Michael was sixteen he was fully adopted by the Tuohy's. Michael then got interested in football his junior year and became starting left tackle for the varsity team.

Professional career, Adulthood

Michael went on to be the best football player in his class in the state of Tennessee. He wen to Ole Miss to play football then got drafted into the NFL. Michael is still currently playing in the NFL on the Carolina Panthers, who just this past year went to super bowl fifty and sadly lost to the Denver broncos. Michael also just wrote a book about his life and what he overcame.
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Michael Oher on media day for Super Bowl fifty


Michael had many struggles growing up. First Michael struggled with having confidence in himself, getting to believe in himself, knowing that he can do it. Second Michael struggled big time with school, grades, and the amount of schools he went to. Michael had a fair amount of struggles growing up.


Michael had many accomplishments in his life. First of all by the end of his senior year he was the number one football player in the state of Tennessee. Second he got a full scholarship to the University of Ole Miss. He became one of the best offensive lineman in his conference and all of college football. Then Michael got drafted into the National Football League. Where he has gotten millions of dollars, played in a couple super bowls and has been to a couple pro bowl appearances.
Michael Oher #74 OT

Life Theme, Resolution

Michael's life theme to me I think is give back to people, be kind to people, and just because you grew up with bad people doesn't mean you have to become a bad person. Michael was able to overcome his problem by having a real family that had money and good people in his life people that he could look up to ya know.
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Michael Oher in his Ole Miss uniform

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