Young Fives

Turkey Run Elementary

What to expect

Wow, we have really had to much fun the last couple of weeks learning letters R and S. We made rainbow rice krispies, painted rainbows, built a snowman, played in shaving cream, and sand. I am not sure I can top that off the next couple of weeks but, I will do my best.

In math we worked with dice; recognizing how many dots without counting, more dots and less dots, and adding two dice together.

We will be learning about letter T next week. I would love your help! If you could send in a fruit, vegetable, or cracker for our Taste Test. We will be having our taste test on Friday. If you could send in a food that each student could have a small amount of to taste by Thursday I would greatly appreciate it. (Ex. 3 apples, 4 cuties, a small bag of carrots, 2 potatoes, ect.)

"Play is the highest form of research." (Albert Einstein)

Warrior Bash


We as well as the Kindergarten are going to be putting a raffle basket together for the Warrior Bash that will be held in February. We are asking that you send in a candy bar and or a craft item (ex. glue sticks, water color paint, colored pencils, markers, pipe cleaners) by February 1.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns.