The Roman Dispatch

What goes on in the Colosseum?

Gladiator Games

My name is Nero Lipovsek, and I am reporting from the Colosseum. Here, gladiators fight to the death as a sort of entertainment, but the gladiators sometimes get paid.. The unlucky gladiators fight other gladiators with weapons such as swords or axes. People really enjoy seeing these bloodsport events, including me. These events can attract a huge crowd. They are saved best for last until the very end of the Colosseum events because people love them so much. Normally, slaves fight in these battles, and generally, one dies and the other lives. On some occasions though, their lives may be spared for putting up a really good fight. Sadly, the games ended in 346 AD when Constantine banned them. Now let's talk to a spectator of the gladiator fights.

Interview With Opening Day Colosseum Spectator

Nero: How was your experience watching the events today?

Spectator: It was really fascinating. During the fight, one of the fighters popped out of a trap door and killed the other fighter right on the spot. I really enjoyed watching the reining champ shred the slave into little pieces with his sword. Did you know that in the beginning of the show, the gladiators fought wild animals, and as a special treat, they flooded the Colosseum and brought naval ships in? It was extremely amusing. Did you know that the games began in 80 AD when the Colosseum finished its construction?

Nero: No, actually, I didn't. Do you plan to come back soon?

Spectator: Absolutely! I actually plan on coming next week. But next time, I'll bring the kids who will also enjoy it.

Keeping up With the Kardathiums

There is a new Roman reality show out there! This new hit live performance will be on every stage at 6:30-7:30 every Tuesday. Starring Kimulus, Khlomius, and Kourtnyus, this show is what everybody's talking about! Come to the ampitheater, and watch it when it comes out on November 6, 105 AD.