Real World Application

When will I use spreadsheets again?


Science, Math, History, and Geography...maybe even Band! (okay, probably not Band) These subjects all require you to look at data and compare or analyze it. This is easily done through spreadsheets which lay out all of the information and can calculate sums, products and even more! Maybe in Science I am asked to compare different Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere, through spreadsheets I can find averages, differences, maximums and minimums of it.


Calories can be easily managed with spreadsheets that can add up your intake per day as well as subtract according to the amount of exercise I do. This can help me keep track of my weight and how much I am eating and burning off.

Work & Pay

Through spreadsheets I can total how much I earn, subtract taxes and also keep track of bills and what I am spending my money on. This can help me budget and be sure to only spend when I have enough money!