Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Family owned and operated since 1965

Giving Compassion and Understanding in Your Time of Need

We are a caring and family owned firm. You can depend on us for quality care and dignity for your loved ones. For funeral planning whether you chose cremation or burial; we will help you and your family create a meaningful experience that honor's the life of your loved one.


We are located in downtown Fenton. We are handicapped assessable and have and elevator for your convenience. We are open 365 days a year, for immediate service please call 800-122-1235

We also offer a drive through viewings

We understand that we live in a busy world, so we offer a drive through window for mourners who are in a hurry.

Our world is so Culturally Diverse

We offer a wonderful assortment of end of life ceremonies that reflect the persons cultural traditions. If you have any questions regarding your culture or what may be included in your service. Please go to we can accommodate to most of your wishes

Coping with Grief and Loss

Times can be hard for all of us, is here to help you comforting information regarding the loss of your loved one,