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Week of November 21st

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Longbranch Fine Arts Night and Student Art Show

November 21st, 2016

Come in anytime between: 6:15-8:15 (immediately following the PTA meeting)

Art Show/Fundraiser located in the Longbranch Elementary Gymnasium


Buy your child’s framed artwork for $30.00 (checks and cash ONLY). These make great gifts!

Be sure to check out the musical musings of many of our Lyrical Longhorns who will be performing throughout the evening!

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This Week's Events

Parent Leadership Information and Events

PTA General Meeting and Fine Arts Night

Our Annual Fine Arts Night at Longbranch is coming up on Monday November 21st from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. This coincides with our PTA General Meeting that evening at 6 p.m.

The students will have their Artwork on display and for sale from 6:15 pm - 8:15 pm.

Purchase your child's original framed Artwork for $30 and a portion of your money goes back to Longbranch!

If you are unable to make it on Fine Arts Night you can pre-pay for your child's artwork by sending in a check to your student's teacher made payable to Longbranch Elementary.

Make sure to also check out the musical performances that night by our Longhorn students!

Reflections participants will receive their awards this night as well! In addition, the students who submitted artwork will have it on display at the William E. Durr Library in Independence from Tuesday November 15th to Saturday November 19th. There will be an open house on the 19th as well from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Longbranch Night at the Fundome

Our First Longbranch Skating Night at the Fundome is coming up on November 29th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

This is always a fantastic time for the kids and their families!

The class that has the most students in attendance will win a Pizza Party at the end of the night!

Popcorn Fridays

If you have not filled out your popcorn Friday form it's still not too late! The form can be found on the PTA website at www.longbranchpta.org and sent to school in your child's folder!

$5.00 per child covers all 9 of our popcorn Fridays.

Kroger Cards Help Generate BIG MONEY for Our School

Kroger donates 4% of all money you spend after you scan your Kroger Plus card as long as you connect the Plus card to our Longbranch PTA account.

If 400 families connected their cards and spent $100 a week at Kroger, each family would make $4 per week. That's $1600 a week. That's $19,000 a quarter. That's unreal. That's plain and simple easy money.

We encourage you to visit Kroger.com and create an account. Click Community Rewards. Search for Longbranch and connect your plus card with Longbranch PTA. It's the EASIEST fundraiser you'll ever participate in, period.


Fall Events

Nov. 29: Skate Night at the Fundome!

Dec. 1: 2nd Grade Play, Duck for President

Dec. 5: Cookie Dough Pickup Night

Dec 7: Superintendents Advisory Council

Dec 8: School Board Meeting at 7:30pm

Dec. 13: SBDM Mtg. at 4:30p and PTA Board Meeting at 6:30pm

Dec 15: LB Chorale performs in the Gym--ALL WELCOME!!

Dec 20: LB Chorale performs at the public library

Dec. 21: Winter Celebrations and full school pajama day (yay!!)

Dec. 22-Jan 4: No School

District Calendar
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Winter Events

Jan 5: Students return to school from Winter Break
Jan 6: Popcorn Friday, Favorite Sports Team Spirit Day
Jan 10: SBDM at 4:40pm in library and Boys Basketball Student Eval at 5pm in the gym
Jan 11: Superintendent's Advisory Council
Jan 12: School Board Meeting at 7:30pm and Academic Team Match at 5:30pm
Jan 16: No School, MLK Holiday
Jan 17: Boys Basketball Games and Skate Night at Fundome
Jan 19: Boys Basketball Games
Jan 20: LB Chorale sings National Anthem at NKU game
Jan 24: Boys Basketball Games
Jan 25: Winter Story Night
Jan 26: Boys Basketball Games
Jan 30: Club Day!
Jan 31: Boys Basketball Games
Feb 1: Superintendents Advisory Council
Feb 2: Groundhog Day, Boys Basketball Games
Feb 3: Popcorn Friday
Feb 4: Family Dance from 7-9pm
Feb. 6: No School
Feb 7: Boys Basketball Games
Feb 9: Boys Basketball Games, School Board Meeting at 7:30pm
Feb 10: Crazy Socks Day
Feb 13: 1st Grade Field Trip to Taft Theater
Feb 14: Friendship Celebrations, Boys Basketball Games, SBDM at 4:30
Feb 16: Boys Basketball Games
Feb 21: Boys Basketball Games
Feb 22: Basketball (Boys and Girls) and Cheer Photos after school
Feb 23: Boys Basketball Games
Feb 24: Dulcimer Performance for 1st and 2nd Grades
Feb 27: Club Day
Feb 28: Boys Basketball All Star Game

Our W.I.G.s (Wildly Important Goals) for 2016-2017

Adjusted 10/2016


From 96.8% to 97.3% average daily attendance by October 18, 2016.


2nd grade: Raise the average percentile rank for 2nd grade students from 59th percentile to the 70th percentile of the nation by May 2017.

3rd-5th grade: Raise the average percentile rank for 3rd-5th grade students from 73rd percentile to the 80th percentile of the nation by May 2017.


Raise the average percentile rank for all students from 55th percentile to the 65th percentile of the nation by May 2017.

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