Come To Jacob's Party

Jacob Armenta's Party

Our speacil day Jacob Armenta is here

My baby boy's name is Jacob Armenta

he has nice curly hair its dark he also has attached earlobes the best part is that he can roll his tounge he has a nice widows peak that he get from his second father his 2nd toe is the biggest out of all his little piggy's. He has nice brown eyes just like me sadly to say he has smelly armpits just like ricky.

Jacob's Party

Wednesday, Feb. 27th 2013 at 12:15pm

Sandy Lake Road, Coppell, TX 75019

were going to play some games hang out do whatever we do at stuff like this we are going to have cake have music its going to be a lot of fun please come out


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His Genotype And Phenotype

DD mid-digit hair

Bb dark hair

Ll attached earlobes

Rr roll tounge

WW widows peak

Tt 2nd toe bigger

Cc curly hair

Bb brown eyes

Ss smelly armpits

xy male


1) 20%

2) 70%

3) 20%

4) 70%

5) child 1 has curly hair when child 2 has straghit hair child 1 has a widows peak when child tow dosent.