Beverly Johnson

Caroline Rudisill


Beverly was born on October 13, 1952 in Buffalo, New York, she was born into a middle-class family. She was a champion swimmer when she was young and aspired to be a lawyer. She was a criminal justice major at the Northeastern University, when she then decided to try modeling. I am glad she started to try modeling because she is great at it!

Beverly's accomplishments

Beverly had a lot of great accomplishments! First, she has been on more than 500 magazine covers! Next, her appearance on Vogue changed the beauty ideal in US history!

Last, she rose to fame from being the first African American on the American Vogue.

Character traits

  • photogenic- she always looks great in photos
  • talented- she has had a lot of careers-like she was a swimmer

Something interesting about her

One of the most interesting things about her that caught my eye was that she was a champion swimmer! I thought that was very cool and considering she's a model I would have thought she would have done modeling her whole life, but she has been doing different things throughout her life.