Multi-Genre Projects 1-3

By : Colton Hargrave

Multi-Genre Piece one

The Ballad of mortality in Beowulf

Come hear the story of a man who fights,

All the monsters in the land.

He has the strength of thirty knights,

In the palm of his hand.

Then one day Beowulf hears of Grendel's deeds,

And goes to herot,

To make Grendel bleed.

When Grendel died his mother cried.

The next thing you know,

Beowulf hears a dare,

To test the mighty power of his hand

He must kill grendel’s mother in her lair.

Beowulf travels to her lair,

Sinks down to the bottom of the lake.

Then he slays her,

And comes back with the head of her son.

Fifty word explanation.

I wrote a ballad about the morality of Beowulf. The reason I wrote about mortality because there is a lot of death and murdering in Beowulf. I really think all of the deaths in Beowulf is very interesting because of how different people die which is kind very much interesting.

Multi-Genre Piece three

Diary Entries from the Knight

March 12, 14th Century

Dear diary,

Today I went to church and prayed to be brave and to not fall asleep during battle with my many foes I will face when going throughout my day. I also went and purchased a new tunic because my armor keeps on ruining my favorite tunic. My mother said that I could not afford another sword so I had my cousin from Sweden forge me a sword from wood.

March 13, 14th Century

Dear diary,

Today i learned that a wooden sword does not do well against a fire-breathing dragon nor a giant orc, I will have my brother make a sword from rocks next. I also need another new tunic, my newest one was burned up when fighting that dragon.

March 14, 14th Century

Dear diary,

I have decided to stop purchasing new tunics and I have now decided to make my mom wash them. I also talked to the Pardoner, I did not like him.

March 16, 14th Century

Dear diary,

Sorry I missed you yesterday, I was with my friends on a hunting trip and they make fun of me when i write in my diary so I left you a home. We killed the biggest Sea Monster anyone has ever seen. It weighed over a hundred stones, our horses could barely pull its body out of the lake.

Final Thoughts

My topic was monsters and heros. The theme was Even though you see a person who is big and tough does not mean they do not have problems as well.