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18 March 2022

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Canakkale Day Ceremony

The assembly for the Canakkale Day, where we paid tribute to the fallen Turkish soldiers who lost their lives in the battlefield in Dardanelles, was held on Friday, March 18, during 9th period.

The assembly started by observing a moment of silence and singing the national anthem.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

Military Tags

The Nusret Minelayer, the legendary ship which had a pivotal role to play in the naval victory in Çanakkale, is hosted by and open to visitation in the city of Tarsus. The ship, as well as the war memorial to honor the martyrs on the same site, was visited by our students and teachers on 18 March.

In the the assembly to mark the day, we tried to recount this epic war in Turkish history where even the 15-year-olds who went to war lost their lives, and to which many folk ballads are dedicated. The assembly opened with Haluk Bulut (Grade 12) singing the Çanakkale Ballad. and continued with the military tags being left on symbolic gravestones by teachers of the Social Sciences department and students.

We would like to thank all students who contributed to the assembly which was put together by all Social Sciences Department teachers, particularly Gülden Balaban and Dilek Fesli, and with the support of Mr. Raşit Karahasan, e-learning specialist.

Haluk B. (TAC'22)

Hasan Can U. (TAC'22)

Aldemir K. (TAC'23)

Ecegül D. (TAC'24)

Onur G. (TAC'25)

Deniz Deren S. (TAC'25)

Şeniz Güner: History Teacher/Head of Social Sciences Department

Hasan Üzüm: History Teacher

Vecihe Köroğlu: History Teacher

Hatice Kayrak: History Teacher

Gülden Balaban: Geography Teacher

Sonay Yıldırım: Geography Teacher

Dilek Fesli: Philosophy Teacher

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

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Please click on the link below to watch the video.

Opening Remarks

In his opening remarks, Sinan Öz, Vice Principal in charge of 11th grade, reminded us the distinctive traits of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: successful, intelligent, well-planned, having a broad perspective and foresighted. Öz also talked about Atatürk's role in the Dardanelles Campaign and emphasized the importance of the straits, which has recently been a hot topic again.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

History of the Nusret Minelayer

The role of the Nusret Minelayer, which was instrumental in the naval victory in Çanakkale and which was brought to Tarsus, was presented by Onur G (TAC’25). We thank our student and his teacher, Sonay Yıldırım for the presentation.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

Canakkale Ballad by the Music Students

We would like to thank our students for their successful performance accompanied by the Çanakkale Ballad, which explains the meaning and importance of the day. We also thank Ayşegül Yıldıran and Fulya Kandır, their teachers, for their support.

Piano: Ilgın K. (TAC'26)

Cajon: Gamze Ö. (TAC'24)

Baglama: Selin A. (TAC'26)

Vocals: İpek Ö. (TAC'24)

E. Guitar: Kıvanç Y. (TAC'26)

Bass Guitar: Efe İ. (TAC'24)

Drums: Aras A. (TAC'26)

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

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The Story of the Doctor and His Son in Çanakkale

"The Story of the Doctor and His Son in Çanakkale", told by Hatice Kayrak, one of our history teachers, revealed the bitter face of the war, while showing that a doctor can place his own family in the secondary, if necessary, for his profession and his patients. We thank Hatice Hanım for sharing this touching story.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

Poem: To the Martyrs of Çanakkale

The poem written by Mehmet Akif Ersoy for Çanakkale, read by Efe Batın (TAC'24), emphasizes our gratitude to the fallen Turkish soldiers of the war and explains the difficult circumstances at the time. We would like to thank our student for this successful performance as well as the teacher, Meltem Güneri, for her support.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

“The Price was Paid in Çanakkale”

Hasan Üzüm, history teacher, in his remarks titled "The Price Has Been Paid in Çanakkale" told us about an artist, who risked everything for his country, as he recounts the sacrifices made under difficult circumstances to both the people of his time and to us today. We thank our teacher.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

Çanakkale Day Badges

TAC'23 students, with the support of our CAS Coordinator Fatma Yiğitoğlu, had special badges prepared for the Çanakkale Day with the funds generated from their sales going to community service. As the members of the TAC family, on March 18, we proudly wore these badges which had the names of the soldiers who lost their lives in Adana and Mersin region during the Çanakkale War.

Derya Y. (TAC'23)

Azra E. (TAC'23)

Berra G. (TAC'23)

Suna Helen O. (TAC'23)

Berrin A. (TAC'23)

Kaan M. (TAC'23)

Selin K. (TAC'23)

Eylül G. (TAC'23)

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Remembering Çanakkale Martyrs'

We would like to thank the teachers from the Social Sciences Department, Mustafa Sami Çokörekler and Nusrettin Şengel, for the poster they prepared to be displayed on campus, as a visual reminder of the meaning and importance of this national day.

Closing: “Today is Canakkale Day”

The assembly for the Çanakkale Day concluded with a sense of respect and gratitude to the heroes of a truly epic war fought 107 years ago amidst poverty and impossible circumstances, and to the nation’s Commander-in-Chief, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

We would like to thank the IT Department, the e-Learning Department, the Corporate Communications Department and all teachers and students who joined the Çanakkale Day assembly, prepared by the Social Sciences Department.

Please click on the link below to watch the video.

Hosting the Second TEDxTarsusAmericanCollege

TEDxTarsusAmericanCollege took place on Saturday, March 12, between 13:00-17:00 with a large participation. The event, held for the second time at TAC, consisted of six sessions where inspiring remarks were shared by six valuable speakers.

In the student-run event organized by Asya (grade 10) and nearly twenty students from the TEDx Club, talks centered around the theme of "Strangers by Nature".

Meltem Ekmen (psychologist), İsmail Şenol (sports journalist), Uluç Gürkan (TAC 1964 graduate), Balkız İnal Sümerler (TAC 1988 graduate), Yiğit (a TAC senior) and Nursel Kavlak Gül (TAC 1999 graduate) shared their experiences and ideas at the event which saw a diverse participation, including students and graduates.

The event helped the participants to explore inspiring ideas, thought-provoking perspectives from the speakers, who specialize in their respective fields.

We would like to stress that the event was entirely organized and run by TAC students who demonstrated strong organizational and leadership skills, making us proud.

As TAC, we would like to thank the speakers for giving up their valuable time to meet with us, our learners who saw everything through to the end, and to graduates and administrators who have always supported us.

“TED” talks, which date back to 1984, are a series of conferences organized around the world with the motto “Ideas worth spreading”. “TEDx” talks, on the other hand, is an important platform that can be more local, enabling the sharing of unique ideas on a smaller scale.

Please click on the link below to watch the photo and video.

We Are Ready for the Traditional Children's Festival

Every year, TAC's student leaders in community service host younger students from various village schools on our campus and be the student teachers in workshops in different areas of interest. This semester, TAC took action to resumed this initiative, which was interrupted during the pandemic. In our Children's Festival, which will continue in every other week in order to ensure sustainability and permanent learning, we planned to offer workshops in Robotics, Science Experiments, English-German-French, Art-Music and Sports.

We are happy to help young students from other schools to explore their inner selves, we appreciate the efforts of these TAC students and their teachers who aim to make a difference in the lives of others by sustaining the 134-year-old TAC traditions.

Regional Success of Our Basketball Teams

TAC’s Girls and Boys B basketball teams placed second in their group at the Regional Championship in Kırşehir.

We congratulate our athletes for their dedication and perseverance, and thank our technical team for their support, wishing the team continued success.

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Turkish University Presentations

TAC continues to bring students online presentations by various Turkish universities organized by the Turkish University Counseling Department.

We are happy to see that these sessions have reached their goal based on the positive feedback of the students who have joined those held by Sabancı University and Özyeğin University so far.

After the general introduction of Sabancı University, Assc. Prof. Dr. Levent Öztürk, lecturer in the Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering Programme of the university, introduced his department. At the end of the presentation, questions were taken from students and parents.

Please find below the schedule for the upcoming sessions. We would love to see a large participation from students and parents!

Istanbul Bilgi University: Monday, March 21, 18:00

Koç University: Tuesday, March 22, 17:30

Bahçeşehir University: Wednesday, March 23, 18:30

İstanbul Technical University: Monday, March 28, 14:00

Yeditepe University: Tuesday, March 29, 17:00

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine: Friday, April 22

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Project Development Training

Dear Students,

Our Grade 9-10-11 and 12 students are all invited to join the first 4 modules of the ?Online Project Development Training? which will be hosted by Ozyegin University in March.

You are required to register before March 8th. You may click TRAINING CALENDAR to see the details of the program and sign in.

Don't forget to register by clicking here by March 8th to grab this unique opportunity!

''Mission Posible 5'' Proje Yarışması

9, 10 ve 11. sınıflarımıza yönelik olarak SEV tarafından düzenlenen Mission Possible Proje Yarışması başladı!

Öğrencilerimiz adresinden okul e-posta adresleri ile giriş yapabileceklerdir.

Sorularınız için Kurumsal İletişim Yöeneticisi Neslihan Özünlü ile iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

''Mission Possible 5” Project Competition

The “Mission Possible 5” project competition organized by SEV for our 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students is starting! You can attend the Project Development Training, which consists of 6 modules, to be given by Özyeğin University. The first 4 modules will be open to the participation of our 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students, and only the "Mission Possible 5" finalists can participate in the last 2 modules. You may visit by logging in with your school e-mail address, and see the details of the competition, review past projects, and apply to participate in Özyeğin University Project Development training. The deadline to register for the training is MARCH 8th, 2022. To enter the competition, click here and fill out the form. The deadline to enter the competition is APRIL 28, 2022. Click to following posters to viev the pdf poster with links and details. For any questions, you may contact School Corporate Communications Manager Neslihan Özünlü (Sadık Paşa Building, 1st floor)

YKS Exam Preparations at TAC

Please click on the visual below for the video explaining the YKS preparation activities. (only in Turkish)

Weekly YKS Bulletin

Click on the visual below for the Weekly YKS Bulletin (only in Turkish)

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