Informational Books

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What's Inside a Book?

See what's inside a nonfiction book by clicking around the text features on the DK Find Out webpage.
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Search by keyword to see what books are available on your topic. Be sure to write down the CALL# to help you locate the book on the shelves. Nonfiction/informational books have a CALL# that starts with a number (000-999) or B for biography.

000: Unexplained Mysteries; Almanacs; World Records

100: Supernatural; Illusions; Feelings

200: Religion; Mythology

300: Government; Military; Holidays

398.2: Traditional Literature--Creation myths; Folk tales; Fairy tales; Fables

400: Language; Grammar

500: Space; Weather; Rocks & Minerals; Dinosaurs; Plants; Animals

600: Inventions; Cars; Pets; Cooking

700: Art; Crafts; Music; Sports

800: Writing; Poetry; Jokes

900: History/Events; Countries/States/Places

Biography--real people