4K P.M. Class

Red Smith

January 11, 2016

Last Week...January 4th-7th

Having Winter Fun at Centers!

Math Calendar Binders

Upcoming Dates & Important Information...

  • Please send your child's winter clothes (snow pants, boots, jacket, mittens/gloves, and hat) to school every day. We will try and go out as much as we can weather/time permitting. Continue having your child practice getting their own gear on...we will be here to help, but with 20 children it does take quite a bit of time.
  • I will be starting Winter Pals Assessment Monday, January 11th. I will share this information at conference time.
  • No School Monday, January 18th.

Songs and Movement...

Click on the links below to watch the You Tube videos-

ABC Mouse-Letter Ll song


This Week... January 11th-14th

  • Sadie and the Snowman by: Allen Morgan

    When Sadie made a snowman, the animals ate his eyes, nose and mouth and he melted. Then she made another and another etc. while always using a bit of snow from the previous snowman to make the new one. We read the story in class. Now watch the story on YouTube and ask your child some wh ?s...https://youtu.be/RYSg3EeBK-Y

    1. What season is it in the story?
    2. What items do the animals eat each time?
    3. Why is Sadie going to use the freezer?
    4. How do you build a snowman?
    5. What did you like/dislike about the story?
  • At table top time, we will be playing a dice game called Roll A Snowman. The children will roll a dice and add the appropriate felt part onto a felt snowman that matches the dice number. I will be sending home the same game that you can play, at home, with a dice by drawing the appropriate part of the snowman.
  • We will be making a chart that lists a description of shapes. (Example-triangles have 3 sides and 3 corners) This is a skill on our report card. Continue talking about shapes and have your child describe each shape. I will take a picture of our chart and add it to our newsletter next week.

Letter L Activities...

1. Leap over objects.

2. Build a ladder with connecting blocks.

3. Look for a ladder.

4. Make lunch.

5. Listen to different sounds

6. Read a book about a lion.

7. Visit the library.

8. Lick a lollipop.

9. Make lemonade.

Practice writing "L" down across

Practice writing "l" down

Please bring a show and tell object that starts with the letter Ll on Thursday, January 14th. Have your child practice sharing one detail about their object to a family member to prepare them for our Show & Tell community circle time.