Southern Charms Weekly Minutes

Reagan Montgomery's Team News 6.14.13

Earn the Fall Line FREE and Half-off!!

I know we say it season after season, but Jessica is adamant that this Fall Collection is truly our best EVER! Don't you want it for FREE or half-off?

Don't forget that in order to purchase your samples at 50% off this July you will need to have sold $250 retail in the 3 months prior to the launch (April, May, June). If you haven't done that yet there is still PLENTY of time to make it happen. If you haven't hosted your own show in a while, June is the month to do it! Check out how much FREE product and commission you could earn just by hosting your own show in June....

Let's say you have a $1000 trunk show...

Commission = $250....keep that money on your little blue card and invest it in the new line at 50% off....that's $500 in product!
Hostess Rewards from your own show = $250
Hostess Bonus for Hosting in July = $50
Stack up your rewards credit for selling $1000 in June = $100

That's potentially $900 in product that you could have at the end of June just by hosting your own show! On top of this you could combine your own show with a sample sale and take that cold hard cash and reinvest it right back into the new line. PLUS you can book your fall debut shows from your own show and gain some GREAT momentum to finish off the summer strong!

June Incentives - Maximize your Month!

  • Stack up the Credits in June - For every $1000 you sell, you earn $100 in product credits that you can use on the new line in July.
  • $50 Hostess Bonus for June Hostesses
  • Dot Dollars for Customers - Spend $50 earn $25 Dot Dollars to redeem on a jewelry order in early July
  • $100 Sign On Bonus for New Stylists
  • Last month to hear Glam Getaway Rewards! How much more do you need to get to the next level?

Top Sellers in June

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Janeen Reeson $1585

Reagan Montgomery $1192

April Keegan $762

Rebekah Howard $745

Katelyn Connors $609

Tara DeLuca $524

Inventory Update

Good news, we are excited to begin accepting backorders on selected bags & companions as their back in stock dates approach! These items were scheduled to arrive in time for the Fall Line Launch in July and we are opening orders as indicated, 3 weeks prior to their arrival into the DC for an extra bonus at your June shows! Given the runaway success of this line, there is a chance that this supply will also sell through. In order to preserve inventory for your customers, we will not be allowing Stylist 50% sampling at this time. Additionally, should the incoming supply of bags & companions sell-thru during backorder period or prior to Fall Launch, they will not be back in stock until later this summer. The good news is that we will be launching new styles of bags as well as new patterns of some of our existing styles with the Fall collection and if you are attending Hoopla – don’t forget you’ll be picking up a brand new fall bag there!

The selected items that will open for backorder and respective customer ship dates:

HB128ESK La Totale Large - Espresso Ikat

Open for Backorders On: 6/12/2013

Ship ETA Date 7/3/2013

SG119NVS Chelsea Tech Case Navy Stripe

Open for Backorders On:6/24/2013

Ship ETA Date7/9/2013

HB125MTK How Does She Do It - Metallic Ikat

Open for Backorders On:6/24/2013

Ship ETA Date 7/9/2013

HB125NVK How Does She Do It - Navy Ikat

Open for Backorders On:6/24/2013

Ship ETA Date 7/9/2013

HB125NVS How Does She Do It - Navy Stripe

Open for Backorders On:6/24/2013

Ship ETA Date 7/9/2013

Welcome New Stylists!

New Stylist Training

Monday, June 24th 2013 at 7:30pm

The Aloft Hotel - Short Pump

Meet Stella & Dot - Virginia Beach

Monday, June 17th 2013 at 6:30pm

741 First Colonial Road

Virginia Beach, VA

Hosted by Katelyn Connors

Burton's Grill
741 First Colonial Rd
Virginia Beach , VA
United States

Meet Stella & Dot - Midlothian, VA

Saturday, June 22nd 2013 at 10am

13830 Village Place Drive

Midlothian, VA

Invite your potential stylists for this open opportunity meeting.

Join me for an Observation Show!

Friday, June 21st - Club West Med Spa

Tuesday, June 25th - Midlothian, VA

Thursday, June 27th - Midlothian, VA

Sunday, June 30th - Midlothian, VA