Striped Shore Crab

Jesus Gutierrez P1

Also known as Pachygrapsus Crassipes


The Striped shore crab lives in the highest part of the intertidal zone. It lives in the upper rocky shores. They are also in the eastern Pacific Coast, from Charlston, Oregon, USA, Baja California Mexico, and Japan. They live out of water half the time but go back in water to moisture their gills.

Daily Changes

Since it goes out of the water, it becomes vulnerable to desiccation, temperature changes, salinity change, and wave actions/tides.

To deal with these conditions, it usually digs into damp sand, keeps its gills wet, and transport salt in their gills.


To survive, they get aggressive in the tide pool and hide under sand or between damp rocks.

They move sideways like other crabs but also move forward at high speeds.

It eats algae and other small organisms.

Its predators: Raccoon, Black turnstone, seagulls


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