Top 10 Technology Rules For Parents

By Jennifer Nguyen 6A #22

Rule #1

The number one rule parents should watch out for is not to download stuff you don't know. You could be downloading a RAT or getting your device bricked.

Rule #2

DO NOT give your password to your friends in any situation because they might go on your social networks and make a bad impression about you. This can cause you to have depression just because you told somebody your password and they posted something bad about you on your social network

Rule #3

Do not text and drive. You could get in a car crash if you look down at your phone while driving. This could cause serious injury or could cause you big trouble.

Rule #4

If you have a Webcam at home make sure you put tape over it so that if somebody hacked your webcam, they can't see you doing something private.

Rule #5

Never put to much personal information on your social networks or else will blackmail using the information/pictures that is on there.

Rule #6

Beware of the pictures you are posting on your social networks, if you try to delete them, they will still be there even if you can't see it.

Rule #7

If you got a text message from somebody you don't know, don't answer because somebody might be trying to get in a relationship with you that you might not like.

Rule #8