By: Corbin Jones

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What is a vet?

Veterinarians are doctors for animals. There are two types of Veterinarians one is Private and the other one is a community vet. A community vet is a vet who works at a vet office and helps other peoples animals and a private vet is one who care for its own animals. There are also types of vets who specialize on one group of animals and there are vets who work on all animals. Vets also work at animal food factories to make sure that the food that is being produced is healthy and wont hurt the dog.

What do vets do?

Vets do all types of thing from surgery to prescribing medicine to unhealthy animals. Some vets diagnose different diseases. some help animals while the animal is in labor. There are a wide range of different kinds of vets. While caring for animals vet use all different types of tools like your doctors does.
I agree with the author because most articles that i read all say the same thing just in different wording. All vets do different things and this article states that in a lot of ways. This article is telling you the basic idea of what vets are and what do they do. The article is packed full of information on vets and is a good article to read about vets.
The article helped me understand more about being a veterinarian. It told me thing that Career Cruising didn't so that helped. This article helped me understand what kind of education and what you need to do to become a vet and I found that very helpful. I liked the content that was in it and they worded right to where I could understand it.

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