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My name is Joseph. What's up

Chicken and nachos are great food

Basketball and track are the best sports

10 Rules to my Dystopian Society

1. If you schedule an appointment and you don't show up, you go to jail.

2. Teachers can not assign homework on NBA game days.

3. No white socks with dark shoes.

4. Don't walk slow in hallways.

5. Don't talk loud/be annoying.

6. Don't chew with your mouth open anywhere.

7. Obesity and laziness is prohibited.

8. If you protest the government, don't be surprised when you get killed.

9. Vegetarianism is prohibited. Meat is a necessity for life.

10. Socks with sandals is prohibited under any and every circumstance.

Main Character Journal Entry (1984)

Well, I'm starting to think that this society isn't all that they say it is. Big brother is great and I'll do anything for him, but recently at a two minutes of hate session I started saying and writing "Down with Big Brother" over and over. I really trying to be careful so I don't get caught by the thought police. I'm not sure what to do. Also, to make matters worse, there are always the annoying upper class people who always give you work to do at home and if you don't do it exactly how they want you to, they go hysterical! Also, I don't really understand how the thought police can track your thoughts. I REALLY want to know how they do that. I wonder if I can sneak into their headquarters so I can get that technology. Then I can see what everyone at work thinks about me. That would be interesting. Anyway another thing that I don't really like is that woman who runs the required fitness on the telescreen. It's so irritating because whenever I feel like stopping, she just yells at me to keep going. I'm not sure what to do, or if there is anyone else who thinks the same way that I do. Is Big brother even real? What am I saying, of course he is. That's another thing. Big Brother seems great, but he's starting to scare me a bit. What if he knows what I'm thinking right now? What if he knows that I'm writing this? He could be sending the thought police after me right now! Does this happen a lot in oceana, because I never hear about it as well. If all this was true, this world would be in for a shock. Not that I want it to be true. Unlike most people, I actually enjoy work. I think it's the highlight of my day. I really hope these thought go away to be honest, because my whole life could change if the though police show up at my door one day. Who knows what would happen?

Blog Post- Newspeak vs. Text Talk

Many people say that without clear language and communication, original thoughts are much more difficult, if not impossible. In 1984, the language spoken is called Newspeak, and it is a form of the English language that uses fewer and less complex words to limit the communication of the speakers, which makes it harder for them to create original thoughts and explain them in detail. However, many people also say that the language used while texting is similar to this. In a way, this is true. The words used while texting are shorter and more simple. However, I don't think this is a developing form of newspeak because the language used while texting does not limit our thoughts and we can still explain what we are thinking with as much detail needed. Plus, there are no laws saying that we have to use improper grammar in text messages. People can use proper or improper grammar as they please.