The Snowy Owl

By Makenna Hollinger and Olivia Faulhaber

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The Snowy owls' Wingspan is 54-56 in.
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Makenna's summary

Pages 36 and 37 in The Book Of North American Owls describes about a powerful chemical DDT and Talks about the laws they have passed to protect owls that are going extinct. DDT is banned to this day but it still lies beneath the soil. The congress has passed laws about not being able to shoot owls and anyone found guilty gets a large penalty and a big fine. People's ignorance has a huge impact on owls and they say we must learn about them.Clear cutting forests can leave less homes for animals witch then they might become extinct.

Olivia's summary

Chapter 5, "The Future For Owls" pages 35 and 38 in The Book Of North American Owls tells about how owls die and how we can help them prosper. Most owls die before they can reach adulthood. The most common way owlets die is starvation because of scarce food. Owls are vulnerable to goshawks because they are their natural enemy. Most owls prefer to stay in a single range all year round. Some scientists in Washington state are breeding elf owls and then releasing the young in Arizona. Farmers now welcome owls on their land and are actively protecting them.

Snowy Owl Range in summer and winter

As you can see the Snowy Owl stays in the northern regions all year round.
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Snowy Owl Hooting


  • Owlets - Baby owls
  • Vulnerable - Susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.
  • Scarce - Insufficient for the demand.
  • DDT - A synthetic organic compound used as insecticide. It is illegal.
  • Extinct - (Of a species, family, or other large group) having no living members. No longer in existence.