YCHS' Weekly Newsletter - October 15, 2021

Poston's Post

Good morning, YCHS/FDJTC Faculty and Staff! We have made it to Homecoming Day! I have enjoyed seeing our Cougar Spirit on display this week! There are several reminders about today and the week ahead listed below.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Let's have an awesome Friday, a restful weekend, and a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, October 15

We will be holding a pep rally today. We will attend all 4 blocks prior to being called to the stadium for the pep rally. Today's bell schedule is linked here. We will call students by grade to the stadium at the end of 4th block. Please bring your class to the stadium when their grade is called.

Friday afternoon is listed as Parent-Teacher Conferences on the district calendar. YCHS/FDJTC Parent-Teacher Conferences are typically scheduled in the evenings, to allow more parents to attend. YCHS/FDJTC evening conferences were supposed to be earlier this school year, but were cancelled.

We are rescheduling YCHS/FDJTC Parent-Teacher Conferences for Tuesday, November 2 from 4:30 PM until 6:45 PM. Since we will be holding our conferences on November 2, YCHS and FDJTC faculty and staff will be released at 12:30 PM this Friday.

Monday, October 18

October 18 is OEC Professional Development Day. Teachers from our World Language, Fine Arts, and Physical Education Departments, as well as FDJTC, are scheduled to attend off-site PD. Media Center Specialists, Guidance Counselors, and Assistant Principals also have OEC trainings scheduled.

Teachers not attending an offsite OEC conference will select a time to participate in professional development that will be centered around structures that allow for embedded flex time during a 90-minute class block.

During this session teachers will explore ideas on how to leverage technology to provide embedded flexible time for students. Teachers will also design opportunities for students during this session.

Teachers will need to click on this link to sign up for a time slot.

Sessions will be offered at 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM, and 1:00 PM. You must select ONE session time. The PD will last 75 minutes and will be held in the Media Center.

Morning Plan and Student Supervision

As many of you are aware, we have been discussing changing our morning supervision plan for students at the beginning of the 2nd 9 weeks.

Beginning Tuesday, October 19, students will no longer report directly to a classroom between 8:15 AM and 8:45 AM. Students at school prior to 8:45 AM will sit in cafeteria, stand outside behind the cafeteria, or sit in the gym.

Students needing to see a teacher prior to 8:45 AM may do so, but will be required to have a pass from the teacher.

Mr. Snyder will be adjusting our duty roster to account for our morning shift. Additionally, our new duty roster will include hallway/bathroom duty spots for administrators and teachers during transitions.

Reminder that all teachers should be by their doors during transitions when not assigned to a duty spot.

We will begin communicating our morning time adjustment to students this morning on the morning show.

Finalizing Grades

Today marks the end of the 1st Nine Weeks. Grades should be finalized by 12:00 PM on Monday, October 18. Please refer to the YCHS/FDJTC Grading Manual linked below for instructions.

PRIDE Meetings - Tuesday, October 19

Our next Pride Meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, October 19.

9th and 10th grade Pride groups will meet in their homerooms. 11th grade Pride groups will have a class meeting in the auditorium. 12th grade Pride groups will meet in the gym before heading to the stadium for their class picture.

Class Meetings

We will hold class meetings next week as we begin the 2nd 9 weeks. Senior and Junior Class meetings will be held during PRIDE on Tuesday.

Freshmen class meetings will be held on Wednesday. Rather than meeting with the entire grade at once, we are going to divide them be alphabet and hold smaller group meetings. The meetings will focus on our behavioral expectations.

Sophomore class meetings will be held on Thursday. Specific times for meetings will be sent later.

Faculty Meeting

There is a faculty meeting scheduled for Wednesday, October 20 at 3:45 PM in the cafeteria.

Donna's Details

SLO info

SLO preliminary conferences are to be completed and are due by Monday, October 18th. Our admin team will be involved in an OEC PD event that day and will primarily be out of touch on the 18th so it will be best if you can complete the preliminary conference portion as soon as possible.

Here are reminders for the timeline:

  • Deadlines for FALL SLO:
    • Preliminary conference deadline – 10/18/21
    • Mid-Course conference deadline – 11/30/21
    • Summative conference deadline – 12/17/21
  • Deadlines for SPRING SLO (induction teachers only):
    • Preliminary conference deadline – 1/24/22
    • Mid-Course conference deadline – 3/25/22
    • Summative conference deadline – 6/2/22

For now, you should be adding the details of your SLO into SCLead to begin the "Preliminary Conference." Here are the instructions:

"Access your SLO by clicking the “Student Growth and Professional Goals” tab on the left, then click “add SLO.” Make sure you are on the “Preliminary Conference” tab and complete I, II, and III, making sure you pay attention to the clarifying remarks associated with each question. Let your admin know when you are done so that we can read, give feedback, and sign off."

School Improvement Council

You are invited to attend the next School Improvement Council meeting on Tuesday, October 26 at 6:00 PM in the YCHS media center.

YCHS/FDJTC Handbooks and Manuals

The YCHS/FDJTC Employee Handbook, Student Handbook, and Grading Manual are linked here for your convenience.

YCHS/FDJTC Employee Handbook

YCHS/FDJTC Student Handbook

YCHS/FDJTC Grading Manual

Morning Announcements

We will begin broadcasting the morning announcements this week. The morning announcements will be broadcast live via the portal each morning at the beginning of 1st block. Be sure to have your 1st block class watch the morning announcements each day.

Instructions for viewing the portal are listed here. If you have any issues, please place a Technology work order.