Casey Cunday

English 5

Hobbies & Activities

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Track


I attended New Song Elementary in Wichita, KS. When I moved to Hutchinson, KS for first grade I started going to Union Valley Elementary. I then attended Prosperity for fourth grade. Then transferred to Wiley Elementary because my mother taught there at the time and it was easier for schedules and transportation.

I then came back to the Buhler School District and attended 7th and 8th at PHMS.

Since then I have stayed in the Buhler District.


I plan to attend Hutch JuCo for 2 years to get my Associates and then head to KU to get my Bachelor's and Masters! After I graduate I plan to be either a teacher or Social Worker.

Hutch JuCo/KU

Family & Pets

  • Julie Cunday (Mom)
  • Randy Cunday (Dad)
  • Ashley Cunday (Older Sister)
  • Ben Raaf (Older Adopted Brother)
  • Bri Francis (Older Adopted Sister)
  • Chris Miertschin (Older Brother)
  • Joshua Cunday (Little Brother)

Chickens & Dogs

  • Dinah Kay (Chicken)
  • Vera Mae (Chicken)
  • Bobby Jo (Chicken)
  • Suzie Jo (Chicken)
  • Jenny (Chicken)
  • Jesse (Chicken)
  • Sydney Gale (Chicken)
  • Lizzy Dale (Chicken)
  • Bruce (Black Lab)
  • Baxter (Wiener Dog)


I am a very healthy child.

When basketball season comes around my knees will hurt but it's normal for me.

Contact Information

Mom's name: Julie Cunday

Dad's name: Randy Cunday

I live with my family the most.

Mom's Phone:620-474-5121

Dad's Phone:620-474-5053