My Dream Board

By: Melanie Wells

Overview Of My Life

  • My name is melanie wells and this is my dream board!
  • Name: Melanie
  • Age:11
  • Where I Live: Chapin
  • Family Members: Mom, Dad, Joshua
  • Pets: Baily my dog, and buttercup my cat
  • Favorite Book: Mr.Trup fails again
  • Favorite Music: slow songs
  • Favorite Movie: persy jakson and the sea of monsters
  • Favorite Food: candy
  • Free Time: watching TV

Here are some inspirational quotes i know , "When life pulls you doun it is just a way of life saying to tray harder and get back up". That means some times life may be hard but just try a little harder and try agan. And a nother one is "Life is not allways fair but when it is go for it". like som people have brothers and or sithers and thay might get something you don't but some times it might be fair so doint let your mind say no go for it.

Dont forget to all ways believe in youn slef no matter what you do. and if you do almost all things will be easy .All things come with a price so befor you do some thing good or bad think what is the price you will have to take?

high lighted words

believe= is high lighted because you all ways need to belive.

easy= is high lighted because making things easy is your job.