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New Search Engine!

The MN Dept of Ed has passed down a great new(er) search engine designed with students in mind. It's . I did some side-by-side searches with Sweet Search and Google and although they were similar, Sweet Search did not come up with as many .coms. The results are supposed to be more credible. Mary and I will put a link to it on our blog in a prominent spot soon. Next time you or your students are searching/researching, give it a try!

Old Technology Making Way for New Technology

We have about 10 old cassette players. We will be disposing of all but one before the end of the year. If you are a teacher that thinks you would like one to keep in your classroom, please let myself or Mary know and we'll make sure to get one to you. I know you've got a mixed tape from high school hidden in your closet somewhere!

We've got more new books in the library! We'll be making one more order before the end of the year. If you can think of a good book, let us know before the snow melts.

Limited Computer Time after Spring Break...

There is only one week after our Spring Break before the testing parade begins. I will be trying out a Book Mobile idea at lunch and collecting books during locker clean-outs. If you need to get into the computer lab - you need to come see NOW. :) By the way, we're going to try something new for the end of this school year. I will be opening the media center at 7am, instead of 7:15. This should give middle schoolers more of a chance to use the computers, print and, of course, check out books. We'll be making the annoucement to students and parents soon!

Habits of the Mind...

Click the link below for a great article from Edutopia about the 16 "Habits of the Mind" that we, as teachers, should be modeling and helping our students acquire. I'll bet you do most of them already... so pat yourself on the back after reading it. :)

Emerson Quote

I love this quote. And it makes me think about technology use in schools. Many teachers are understandably nervous about trying new things. That's one of the reasons I went back to school before getting back into education after being home with my kids. I felt like I was really far behind. I'm still not "caught up", but I'm happy to help move us a little farther. Let me know if you want to try blogging or something with your kids. I can help. I think.

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