God of Wine


  • Zeus fell in love with a mortal woman named Semele.
  • Hera did not like this and when she found out Zeus would have a child She tricked Semele into asking to to see Zeus' true form.
  • Hera knew that no mortal could withstand seeing a god in his Divine form.
  • Zeus had to save Dionysus from the burning body of Semele
  • Zeus then sewed them womb into his thigh.
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Way to Olympus

  • Dionysus had first discovered grapes and wine making with the nymphs.
  • He then competed against the honey of Aristaeus
  • Dionysus won this competition and won over many of the olympians. Hera was still not won over
  • He won over Hera by freeing her from the bonds of a chair sent from her son Hephaestus. After this he was accepted as one of the Celestial Gods of Olympus
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  • Dionysus had a large cult of his own
  • He harshly punished opposers
  • His worship rituals largely consisted of intoxication


  • Associated with centaurs, satyrs, and sileni
  • Often depicted as wearing leopard skin and or riding a chariot
  • Also recognized by his thyrsus or grapevines
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