Hector Torres

Teachers Assistant

Personal Statement

I'm 6'3" and I work like Barcelona's Messi hooking a ball into the goal. I played on the Byrd soccer team this past season. I know how to work as part of a team. Some of the adjectives that describe me are; helpful, respectful, friendly , and trustworthy. I am fluent in French, Spanish, and English. I can organize very nicely. I am a quick learner and I can help anybody who needs it. I am very good with computers, particularly Word, Powerpoint, and OneNote. I am diligent and can work for long periods of time.

Life Quote

Life Quote

Life Quote: "Money allows you to live better, but not what inspires me, I live to play football economic not their benefits. also play for the team and not for myself." Lionel Messi


  • Education
Byrd Middle 2011 to present
Pinchbeck Elementary 2005


1/10/14- I started to use S'more to write my personal statement. I also started to use this program today. I finished my personal statement. I finished my resume and my references to day.
1/15/14- I started to look for my life quote. We had to search for life quotes.
1/31/14- This capital one person came to interview us. I didn't get to get interview because we ran out of time.
2/19/14- We got to go to the teachers place. That place has copiers and printers. Its really easy to work there.
2/21/14- We started to work today. Also today is a 45 minutes perido for us. I have to grade papers and stuff. I also had to copy stuff.
2/24/14- I had my second day of work. The first thing i had to do was make copies. Then to grade papers.
2/26/14- For the first time i FINALLY get to use the laminator. I had some trouble and stuff but i made it. Also i had to make over 450 copies.
2/28/14- This time i have to add the more copies then what i had. I also had to make alot of laminating stuff.
3/5/14- Mr. Semo made me do more grading stuff. When i finished, other teachers made me do their work to.
3/7/14-I had a great because i barely had to do anything. My teachers told me to chill but a teacher had something to do after 10 minutes.
3/10/14- I had more work than every body. I had to stay in the printer room for the whole block. It was boring.
3/17/14- Same thing as always work. I had to print more copies again and had to grade paper.
3/21/14- The only thing i did was make copies for the whole block. Its was boring again. Until people came.
3/31/14- I work really hard that my hand was so red of the copies i had to do. I also learned some new things like when the printer needs help or that i have to work for the whole A-hall. Even with that i had a very good day of work.
4/7/14- Today my teachers don't have any work for me. I got really upset when no teacher had nothing for me. I stead i had to read a book which was terrible. After 20 min the whole hall had something for me to do. I was in running to make copies for different teachers.
4/21/14- Today i had one of the best non working day ever. No teacher had anything for me at all. I was just read a book intil 3:10 when we had to leave. By that time i was almost sleeping in that classroom.
4/28/14- I had a really nice day at work because it got to talk to my teachers instead of doing work. My teachers were in meetings and some were just chilling out in their classrooms like nothing even happen.