Crucible Act

Samantha, Alex


Arthur Miller- He Wrote The crucible. Arthur wears glasses and looks older, has gray hair.

He was also married to Marilyn Monroe for 5 years. He wrote many of plays, examples of the many plays he wrote was " The Misfits" "witch hunts" and "All My Sons." He was from Manhattan and was forced to move to Brooklyn.He was also apart of the red scare.He got very famous off of the play "All My Sons."He got his idea's for the Salem Witch Trials from when he was accused of being communist.

Background & history

It was written in 1952 by Arthur Miller, it is allegory to McCarthyism. Miller himself was questioned by Senator Joseph McCarthy’s in 1956

Salem Witch Trials 1692 it took place in Massachusetts


Reverend Parris-middle 40's, very little good to be said about him

Betty parris- she is age 10, Parris's daughter, The one who gets sick( apart of the group)

Tituba- she is in her 40's, she is a slave

Abigail- She is the niece of Reverend Parrris, she is 17, strikingly beautiful, an orphan( apart of the group)

Susanna- She is a doctor of some kind, she is a little younger then abigail

Mrs. Putnam- She is 45, death-ridden woman, haunted by dreams

Thomas Putnam- he was a man with many grievances, he was the eldest son of the richest man interested in parish affairs, his accusations against so many people

Mercy- she is 18, Putnams servant, she is fat, and sly( apart of the group)

Mary Warren- she is 17, a subservient, naive lonely girl ( apart of the group)

John Proctor- farmer in his middle 30's, man powerful of the body, not easily led

Rebeca Nurse- She is a doctor, She looks older, really a mid- wife

Theme of the play

Reverend Parris daughter Betty Parris is getting accused of being a witch.

Person Vs. society

Abigail (niece)

Abigail use to work for John's family he is married and has kids, something has happened between Abigail and John. She went the woods to drink a drop a drop of blood, so that she can kill John's wife. Abigail and John have had a relationship at one point. Abigail still loves John and John dont love her anymore. John wants to work things out with his wife.