How to find a charachters Motive

To find the Charachters motivation

Step numbaaa 1- Read & Annotate the story

Ask lots of questions!!! don't be afraid to ask questions about a passage, its great to ask questions!

it also helps to take notes, quickly write down a word you don't know or something in a passage that you want to know more about. taking notes leads to...

UNDERLINING! Underlining is the best omg I love to underline it helps with, QUESTIONS AND NOTES! underling is the most important, well kinda, but it's my fave!

Step numbaaa 2- find symbols & explain

Symbol: an object that represents an idea


Goldenrod Tea= longer life

trash= the city

Step numbaaa 3- after step 1 and 2, draw your conclusion!

look at your evidence, motives are always feelings!

Chapter 5- Leona

Leona is an African-American woman. Leona's grandmother always drank her Goldenrod tea.

Her Grandmother was stubborn, even though all her doctors told her to avoid the Goldenrod tea, Granny figured the doctors were crazy. So she drank the tea anyway,and it turns out that her grandmother lived to be ninety-nine.