Innocent Archetype

By Morgan Lennon, Alyssa Gibson, and Jayla Jones

Always Be Optimistic


In fear of abandonment, the innocent seek safety through trust and optimism, which can sometimes cause them to deny issues within themselves and their surroundings, or become too dependent on others.
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The color white, the lamb, and the baby are all symbols of innocence portrayed in this painting. The baby and lamb are dependent on the mother to keep them safe and protect them. A child's naive mind can often be described as innocent, optimistic, and trusting.
Monster Inc ~ Sulley scares Boo
Boo is an innocent child that looks at her situation with the monsters optimistically. Her cheerfulness is shattered when she fears that Sully, who she was dependent on, would hurt her. Boo brings happiness to Mike and Sully's life and helps them to realize the problems in their company.
Enchanted - Amy Adams 'angry' scene (HD)
Giselle does not realize the evils of the world she is in. She becomes dependent on Robert to guide her, but her blind optimism brings hope and joy to his life.