Happy Snow Day!

A few reminders for the rest of the week:

Ash Wednesday

We will have mass tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. You are invited to come join us.

We will be discussing the meaning of Lent, making sacrifices, and taking up an extra good deed. I will be sending home a Lenten calendar where the children color code the crosses by good deeds.

Lunch tomorrow- the cafeteria will be serving Cheese Pizza and Chef Salad, but there will NOT be any meat in the salad. There will be extra cheese in the salad to meet the protein requirement.

Spelling words: We will STILL have our test over all 30 words.

Here are your spelling words for the week:

were any sure lucky trunk puppy bring

try blank silly before first shirt burn

again kisses jogged buses planned

helped done very asked friends good-bye

slower saddest biggest girl fixes


Please read your reading stories that I sent home yesterday. We will be discussing these books tomorrow.

DON'T forget to read for A.R. -> Everyone should be ready to take 1 test.